Saturday, December 09, 2023

Law roundup: Sleeping shopper in aisle five

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 21, 2023 12:00 AM

A man was reportedly found asleep on a motorized shopping cart in a store aisle. He told someone he was just sleepy when they asked if he was OK. He then took short steps to the bathroom and someone called Kalispell Police Department to check on his welfare. He was still OK and said he would be going home.

A crying woman went into the library alleging a bearded man drinking Black Velvet pushed her to the ground. Security told police they had seen this man carrying a hammer in the past, but a  weapon was not visible during this incident. The woman declined medical care.

A “crazy, scary guy” wearing a beanie and hoodie was reportedly hanging out and yelling in a “smoke shack” and a manager wanted him kicked off the property. 

A woman allegedly saw a strange light shining through her backdoor and was concerned someone was in her backyard.

A concerned parent called the police for advice about their teen. The teen’s friends were reportedly telling them not to listen to her mother and “do whatever she wants” while talking on social media. The frustrated parent said the teen was being disrespectful and not listening in addition to experiencing depression, anxiety and thoughts of self-harm. Police advised both parents of multiple discipline options they were allowed to take.

A driver pulling out of a parking lot almost hit a white Toyota Corolla reportedly driving in the wrong lane.

A woman requested extra patrol when she allegedly returned home from filing paperwork for a temporary restraining order against an ex and found things were “off” inside the house, which raised her suspicions that he might have made a copy of her key.

Someone complained that a Jeep with Georgia license plates was reportedly parked in a driveway and on the sidewalk and said it was an ongoing issue. The owner told an officer they would take care of the issue.

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