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Letters to the editor Nov. 26

| November 26, 2023 12:00 AM

Library director standards

The Montana State Library Commission is accepting public comment on a proposed rule change to lower the standards for directors of libraries in communities of more than 25,000 residents. 

This change is in direct opposition to the recommendations of the Standards Task Force, a group of professionals with the expertise to knowledgeably evaluate such issues, and set up specifically to advise the commission. That the commission should so blatantly disregard the advice of their own task force in favor of lowering standards and diminishing the professional administration of city libraries in our state is concerning, and should warrant public comment from people in our community who care about the future of our libraries.

Because a master’s in library ccience is an uncommon degree, and the knowledge and experience to professionally run a large library system is also an uncommon talent, is has been presumed by some library trustees and members of the state commission than because it is not a knowledge they themselves possess, it must not be that important or necessary. 

This belies an arrogant attitude that would suggest “my ignorance is worth just as much as your knowledge” when it comes to opinions of the administration of public institutions. 

Libraries needn’t be, and ought not to be, controversial in their operations. Yet, it seems that they have become so in recent times as people with agendas which favor righteous indignation over calm, quiet professionalism and promoting access to books and knowledge for all.

Public comment can be made at the Montana State Library Commission website.

— Jared Sibbitt, Bigfork

Fill the Lake Act    

Open letter to Rep. Ryan Zinke.

Regarding your proposed “Fill the Lake Act” please consider not wasting congressional delegates time on this. Solution is simple. Urge your constituents along Flathead Lake to purchase a boat trailer. Use a public launch site if necessary.

— John H. Piper, Columbia Falls