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Letters to the editor Nov. 27

| November 27, 2023 12:00 AM

Daoud’s Senate campaign

So, is it just ego that prompted Sid Daoud to announce as a Libertarian for the U.S. Senate seat held now by Sen. Jon Tester?  

It cannot be because he wants to further conservative principles, as he surely knows that his candidacy goes a long way toward swaying the ultimate vote to the Democrats. In fact, a case could be made he is actually a closet Democrat.

Libertarians traditionally take votes from Republican candidates, that is well known. In fact, it can be argued that twice before, Tester won his election due to Republicans voting for a Libertarian contender. 

Daoud’s candidacy is particularly irksome as Tester is one of the most ardent supporters of the far-left policies of Biden, Pelosi and Schumer, voting with them 91% of the time. Big government, anti-gun, out-of-control spending, inflation, huge deficits and now, a gargantuan debt of over $33 trillion are all part of Big Jon’s legacy. No matter how the press portrays him, Tester is anything but moderate.

Daoud proclaims his conservative principles, but conveniently skips over the Libertarian agenda of open borders, no controls on drugs, skepticism about police and jails, no restraint on any deviant sexual practices, and very little, if any, control over abortions. In other words, anything goes.

Voters need to remember that at the polls.

But, no matter what, Daoud is smart enough to know he hasn’t a chance of winning the election and therefore his candidacy, in reality, supports the Democrat, Tester. He cannot hide from that fact.  

If he truly supports conservative principles, he would be a lot more effective if he would sit down with Republican candidates to ascertain which one most nearly supports his positions and then throw his support to that person. But if he continues his campaign, it will be painfully obvious, he cares more about his own personal career than about Montana, its citizens, or the United States as a whole.  

Either that or he is a closet Democrat, and neither of those scenarios are particularly flattering.  

— Mark Agather, Kalispell

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