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Law Roundup: No slam dunk for noise complaint

| October 3, 2023 12:00 AM

Someone called to complain that teenagers were yelling and playing basketball at a neighborhood court. Law enforcement sat in the area and determined they were not being loud at all, just playing basketball, according to the Kalispell Police Department.

A woman was concerned after her husband threatened to vandalize a borrowed vehicle she was driving.

A light brown Chevy Impala lost a wheel.

In a fit of supposed road rage, a man driving a white Chevy pickup picked up a rock and threw it at the caller’s car “on purpose.” It turned out to be a kid, so dispatch said they will contact the parents.

One baggie of meth was found in a bathroom.

A woman in a black hoodie, with hair sticking up out of her hoodie, was throwing trash around in a parking lot and wouldn’t leave when asked. The caller wanted her removed.

A pallet stuck on the southbound lane on U.S. 93 was removed.

A pomeranian was given to law enforcement by a barefoot woman. It was not clear who owns the dog.

While sitting at a stoplight, kids in a silver Jeep Wrangler pulled up next to the caller. The passenger rolled the window of the Jeep down right as the light turned green, firing off around 30 rounds of what he believed to be an airsoft gun. The caller did not get a license plate and the kids got away, but he asked dispatch to let him know if they were found.

Two other people called to report the airsoft gun as well.

A caller was concerned that a parked car was “creepy.” When law enforcement spoke to the owner, he said that he was just out of gas and was waiting for a friend to bring him some more.

A man was concerned that his neighbors were using drugs when there was more traffic in and out of the house. Dispatch asked if any illegal activity was seen, and the caller said no, but law enforcement agreed to patrol the area.

Teens were moving in and out of a parking lot and the caller wanted them to leave.

A newspaper delivery driver reported a downed stop sign.