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Law roundup: Shopper banned from store seeks second opinion

by Daily Inter Lake
| October 6, 2023 12:00 AM

A shopper upset with being removed from a local store called the Kalispell Police Department to see whether his ban from the merchant’s property was “legit.” The shopper told officers that one of their friends along on the shopping trip suffered from a bad hip and was using a motorized shopping cart. A member of the store loss prevention team apparently instructed the individual in the cart to get off of it. They tried explaining the situation, but the “loss prevention dude got all angry at them. A whole scene happened.” Officers explained that private business can ban any individual at any time for any reason. They suggested waiting a few days and then calling management to see if they might change their minds.

Spotting three wooden pallets on the roadway, a passerby called authorities to see if they could clear the road.

Officers checked out a man in a vehicle and determined he was OK. The man told the police he was trying to figure out sleeping arrangements following a major life change.

A caller asked about where he could park overnight in the city.

Worried about a strange man hanging around outside in the parking lot, a woman asked that officers drive through the area and possibly move the individual along. Officers met up with the man, who told them that he was waiting for his girlfriend. While there, they made sure the woman made it to her vehicle safely.

Catching sight of a strange man taking items from a parked passenger vehicle and placing them into his truck, a resident phoned the police. Authorities contacted the owner of the passenger vehicle, who explained that the man had permission to go through his car to grab a spare tire for a friend dealing with a flat.

Officers moved along a man who allegedly spread out his belongings in the drive thru of a local business.

An employee showing up for work found a person sleeping in the front entryway. Officers moved the woman along.

A man allegedly tried to steal a bicycle from the back deck of a local business, but workers caught him in the act. Employees told officers they were inclined to press charges for attempted theft and offered to turn over video surveillance when they could.

Authorities attempted to investigate a reported egging of a vehicle, but could not identify any damage to the automobile and lacked any suspects.

Someone reported the theft of a wrench from a trailer over the weekend.

A property owner annoyed at a construction company for parking their equipment on her land for hours on end phoned the police to let them know about the situation. Company employees were yelling and cursing at her, she said, and indicated a towing company had been summoned to the scene. She later called back to inquire about a case number so she could begin towing the company’s equipment away.

The victim of bicycle theft several weeks back saw an individual riding the bike west on the trail at about 8 a.m. They requested that officers retrieve the bicycle.

A passerby found an apparently forgotten or discarded blue children’s mountain bike and alerted the police.

After watching a lot of reckless driving at a nearby intersection from his porch, a resident asked that the Police Department assign an officer to watch the stretch of roadway. He reported seeing several near misses with pedestrians.

The head of housekeeping phoned the police about a guest who had overstayed their welcome. They said it was past time for check out and the guest had not paid for another night. Officers moved the woman and her belongings along.

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