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Newspaper carriers are the unsung heroes

by Clint Schroeder
| October 8, 2023 12:00 AM

As president of the Hagadone Corporation's Communications Division, I wish to share my sincere pride and gratitude. This year, we celebrate the 134th anniversary of the Daily Inter Lake, and today, we celebrate the dedicated men and women who have ensured the voice of Northwest Montana reaches our readers and subscribers for over a century.

Today is Newspaper Carrier Day, a day to honor the devoted team of people who make it possible for us to maintain the flow of information in our community.

The Hagadone Newspaper Group includes daily and weekly publications in Montana, Idaho and Washington. Each newspaper, including the Daily Inter Lake, is a vital cornerstone of its unique community. From enabling business growth and development to safeguarding our shared history, from holding those in power accountable to narrating the community’s ongoing story, our publications are the thread of continuity that unites us all.

At the Daily Inter Lake, we understand a tangible sense of community comes from flipping through your local newspaper's printed and digital pages, a custom that we are committed to preserving and improving with each passing day. To meet that promise, our editorial team works seven days a week with an 11 p.m. deadline to bring you the most current and relevant news. Six of those days, our dedicated carriers are on the road by 2:30 a.m., working well into the morning to ensure each paper finds its way to rural and urban households, single-copy racks, countertop sales, and commercial distribution locations.

But our carriers don’t merely distribute newspapers; they take the initiative to help stranded drivers, report suspicious activity, and on more than one occasion, provide lifesaving assistance to community members – all before the sun comes up.

Just recently one of the Daily Inter Lake carriers found an injured resident in his driveway and took him to the local hospital. There have been at least two house fires reported by Daily Inter Lake carriers this year, including one where the carrier woke up all of the home's occupants up to alert them of the fire, literally saving their lives.

A special thank you goes out to each of our carriers who take the time to enhance our delivery processes, listen to reader feedback and implement needed changes. They are truly unsung heroes and the heartbeat of our operation.

And to our valued readers, we thank you for the trust that empowers us to be guardians of accountability, narrators of our history, and partners in community development. Together, we inform and transform the fabric of Northwest Montana. We are committed to strengthening these pillars of community journalism even as we adapt to the evolving landscape of news consumption.

So, on this Newspaper Carrier Day, I ask that we take a moment to say “thank you,” and I gently remind you to tip your carrier.

With the deepest gratitude and commitment,

Clint Schroeder is president and executive publisher of Hagadone Corporation's Communications Division.