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Law roundup: Man doesn’t want to be found

by Daily Inter Lake
| October 31, 2023 12:00 AM

A man waiting outside for food to be delivered was spooked when he noticed a male staring at him from inside a darker-colored truck who started shouting, “I found you! I found you!” That night, he went out to a sitting area where a stranger approached him and shouted, “I found you,” again. He went inside and called the Kalispell Police Department.

Extra patrol by police was requested from a resident who allegedly noticed that the number of handprints on their bedroom window mysteriously increased over a couple of hours. They also noticed footprints in the yard.

Things got out of hand during an argument between two men when one man allegedly smacked the hood of a vehicle. The other man reportedly got into his vehicle and fled the scene, running over a woman’s foot, “nicking” another woman and striking the man — and his vehicle — in the process.

A blonde woman wearing a red shirt and glasses reportedly went to a location and chased a man to his car and took photos of his license plates. He called the police saying she seemed to be trying to force her way into the pool area. A front desk employee also called police and said she came in and was banging on people’s doors and was in the restroom where they needed assistance kicking her off the property.

A red pickup that was reportedly swerving all over the road hit a fence and the curb multiple times. Montana Highway Patrol was contacted to handle warrants.

A store employee asked officers to check on the welfare of a man allegedly living in a white conversion van with no heat. The man, who was dizzy and feeling weak, requested an ambulance.  

A man reportedly in an abandoned truck couldn’t move and sounded in pain from the cold. He was taken to the emergency room.

Someone was reportedly not amused by a blonde woman’s dance moves in a parking lot and asked officers to get her to boogie away.

An intoxicated man in his 20s allegedly began banging on other guest’s doors and wouldn’t go to his room. He finally made it to his room, however, it didn’t last long when he was spotted back in the lobby.

Two propane tanks were spotted in the road but someone pulled over and picked them up.