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Law roundup: Rent dispute ends with police involvement

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 13, 2023 12:00 AM

A parent called the Kalispell Police Department when a man in his 20s that her daughter reportedly met online threw an air conditioner down the stairs in a house full of people and was acting disruptive because she asked him for rent. He told police she had “gone crazy about rent” and threw him into a mirror. They agreed to separate for the night.

A man discovered in a store’s beer aisle was ticketed for trespassing and moved along.

The owner of a dog running around a complex without a leash allegedly had the audacity to get angry at a parent whose teenage daughter was bitten on the leg and bleeding. The parent told officers they were also bitten last week and wanted to be evaluated as well.

A man reportedly found a mysterious package in his vehicle that he did not put there and was not addressed to him. He said it looked heavy and was not going to touch it. An officer picked up the suspicious package.

A father got into his vehicle and reportedly chased a shirtless male who stole his son’s BMX bike the previous night.

A man allegedly yelled while trying to break into a yellow and white camper van. A passerby told police he may have broken a window out of the van and “busted his hand up good” as it was bleeding and wrapped in a shirt.

A temporary stop sign placed at an intersection went missing and someone was concerned there would be another accident. It was replaced.

A woman claimed a former resident, who was sitting next to a red suitcase, threatened to hose her with pepper spray and then took it out of his pocket and pointed it at her. He reportedly told a person standing nearby that he didn’t threaten her, that the spray was on his wrist and was bothering him, so he took it off and put it in his pocket. The two agreed to separate.

An ex-employee was reportedly sleeping in his car at his former workplace and management wanted him kicked off the property. He told officers they had to give him time to get his vehicle running. An officer advised him to also take care of his warrants.

Two bicycles stashed over a hill were recovered by police. One, in significant disrepair and with an unreadable serial number, was junked while the other bike, a red Jamis Explorer 2.0, was taken for safekeeping.

Residents in a small yellow house may have had the bass jacked up when someone complained about “thumping music” playing all weekend. They agreed to turn it down.

A woman yelling and crying after reportedly being caught shoplifting refused to show her ID to an employee. She was ticketed by police and given a lifetime ban as requested by the employee.