Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Law roundup: Hungry man gets twisted up in crime

| September 14, 2023 12:00 AM

A man tried to steal $20 worth of pretzels. Employees were not happy. He was ticketed and released by the Kalispell Police Department.

A woman wearing boots and a black trench coat, with half her head shaved, allegedly stole from a location and took off on a red bicycle.

A woman wearing a black sweatshirt and no pants reportedly tried to get into a building with a man donning a gray hat who entered through the back door and went into the bathroom for several minutes then started pacing outside by a black Nissan. Police issued the woman a citation.

Someone allegedly wanted officers to be aware of a meme they saw posted a while ago on Facebook with the image of an “AR-15 with a bag of Skittles sticking out of the butt stock compartment,” and the statement, “This is how you sneak candy into (a location),” however it didn’t specifically threaten any locations.

A woman allegedly stole a big black bag full of groceries and began running down a hill toward a park.

A man, who found a lone green plastic slide lying in the street in front of his house, called the police after his wife allegedly passed a park where she found a playset destroyed. The playset was reportedly valued at $5,000.

A woman, who may have stolen mail, was allegedly ripping things up in a parking lot, throwing the pieces around and then running into traffic to retrieve them. She was also said to be screaming and yelling at people walking by.

Young kids reportedly ripped the flag off a mailbox. A woman wanted an officer to speak to the children.

A Hungry Horse man called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office after he allegedly shot and killed a bear attacking his chickens.

A dog owner was on the search for two great Pyrenees named Ghost and Cloud that reportedly got scared by a hot air balloon and took off in Kalispell.

A woman in a lobby claimed she had something in her hand when she didn’t. The woman, who was certainly no sleight of hand, refused to leave.

Someone allegedly threw a rock through a woman’s window, smashing it.

A man in Bigfork reportedly threw a lock and screwdriver at his girlfriend who thought her hand was broken.

Neighbors of a property where a house was being built reportedly kept going onto a property and taking spare materials despite “no trespassing” signs and game cameras set up around it.

Someone was concerned that a black cow hanging out in a ditch would make its way into the road and “be a mess” for a motorcyclist. They were advised that the area was posted along the highway as an open range.

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