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Law roundup: Discarded clothes cause traffic hangup

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 15, 2023 12:00 AM

Looking to dispose of old threads, but apparently too busy to make it to either the donation box or dump, someone dropped off “a huge pile of clothes” in the middle of Ninth Street, according to a worried passerby who phoned the Columbia Falls Police Department to report the errant garments. Vehicles were reportedly swerving to avoid the mess of laundry, though a pedestrian eventually moved the castaway clothes to the sidewalk. The owners later returned to gather their raiments.

Officers intervened between feuding neighbors after a property line dispute threatened to spiral out of control. Authorities were summoned to the area after one resident put up markers on what they thought was the property line and the other came out to take them down under the belief the markers were erected on their land. The ensuing exchange of incivilities included the alleged blasting of music, threats and accusations of improperly employed surveillance cameras. Officers informed the pair that theirs was a civil matter.

First responders aided a student athlete who collapsed on the field after complaining of dizziness.

A motorist asked for a VIN inspection and agreed to call back when he had the necessary paperwork.

The manager of a local business reported that a vehicle in the parking lot was getting towed, but not at the company’s request. The vehicle, a red Ford sport utility vehicle, had been parked in the lot since the week prior.

Officers met again with the feuding neighbors with one admitting to taking down the markers, but coming armed with a 2022 property survey. All parties involved agreed to where the property markers could be erected and anyone unsatisfied with the arrangement was directed to civil court.

A motorist allegedly drove around several closed signs and parked their Buick in a manner that left an entire railroad crossing blocked, holding up BNSF trains. The vehicle was later towed.

Officers aided a woman attempting to track down her missing airpods.

A pedestrian enjoying a walking path stumbled across $36 folded up in paper. Unable to drop the lump sum off at the Police Department, the pedestrian wanted officers to know she found it in case anyone came in looking for the money.

Authorities were summoned to a medical facility after a patient became irate when told they had to undergo a drug test to receive medication. Departing after cussing out the front desk staff, the patient returned and began yelling. The building’s staff retreated to the rear of the building, agreeing only to exit after they saw law enforcement enter the lobby.

Officers picked up an alleged drunk driver on U.S. 2 headed to either Whitefish or Kalispell after a caller reported them for driving under the influence. The caller told dispatchers they knew the person behind the wheel.