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Law roundup: Man makes empty threat to pharmacist

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 18, 2023 12:00 AM

A man reportedly threatened to shoot a pharmacist, showing him an empty holster. The store asked Kalispell Police Department to tell him he was banned from the store.

A customer thought a woman screaming at a man was allegedly trying to run him over before he got into the car and she drove off.

A woman with purple hair ­— and a thirst that needed to be quenched — reportedly stole two eight-packs of Gatorade and other items at a store she had already been banned from.

Someone complained a woman was panhandling in a median. She told an officer she was advised she could stand in the median as long as she did not give or receive anything from drivers, but rather direct them to meet her in the parking lot if they wanted to give her money. The officer parked nearby to ensure she was conducting transactions that way, but she decided to leave.

A man allegedly swore at dispatch, calling them names, saying someone was kidnapped and that law enforcement didn’t care. He continued to rant about law enforcement being too busy to help and swore some more before hanging up.

A soon-to-be ex-wife allegedly arrived home and angrily hit her husband in the face then packed belongings to leave. As a first offense, she was ticketed for partner family assault.

A woman, who spoke quickly on the phone in the police department lobby, alleged she was here on a previous night to file a report and was with a man who just robbed her. She was placed on hold to answer emergency ambulance traffic and was gone when dispatch picked back up.

A 2-year-old in a car seat was reportedly left unattended in a silver Dodge Caravan parked on the street for about 20 minutes. The van, which had all its windows up, was gone when officers arrived.

A man allegedly “dragged” a woman off a property and sprayed her with a hose. The woman, who appeared to be under the influence of drugs, said he had mental health issues and didn’t want to pursue any charges at the time.

Someone was suspicious of a car in a parking lot that reportedly had smashed windshields, a driver who looked passed out and someone casually sitting in the backseat.

A man wearing a blue shirt and a black backpack allegedly ripped wires out of an electrical panel that operated traffic lights.

Someone was suspicious of a reportedly shady, weird-looking man in an old, beat-up Bronco parked on the side of the road and partially in a lane all morning. The man and a woman, who officers advised of her warrant, said they ran out of gas.

Someone complained about two people allegedly setting up camp in trees and wanted them moved along. Officers made contact with people on a trail who were not doing anything wrong.

A man wearing camo pants and a gold chain reportedly tried to fight someone after shoplifting and fled the scene while the police were called.

A man was reportedly bit on the elbow when trying to stop a shepherd mix from attacking his dog. He wasn’t sure which dog bit him during the scuffle and was concerned about rabies.