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Law roundup: Man wants investigation of stolen meth pipe

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 19, 2023 12:00 AM

Drugs may have gone to a man’s head when he went to the Kalispell Police Department to report that his meth pipe was stolen. He allegedly noted that it was full of methamphetamine at the time. An officer told him they would not complete a report on a stolen meth pipe but would “make a note of it.” The frustrated man told the officer he would find out who took the pipe since he was a “good investigator.”

An irritating woman was reportedly walking in and out of a meeting and otherwise causing a disruption by picking up pamphlets and making coffee, which flooded a table. The rude woman then yelled at someone who talked to her, which may have been the final straw and she was kicked out for good.

Officers responded to a report that a traffic light was red while simultaneously displaying a green arrow.

A lime green vehicle and a red vehicle with a black hood that were reportedly racing and running stop signs, whizzed by a pedestrian walking down the street and people using tennis courts.

A family trying to set up for a party at a reserved park pavilion allegedly had to first get someone bundled in a blanket moved along. The person got the message and left.

A “druggie” who looked like he was “talking to space” was reportedly too close for comfort near a Kalispell resident who wanted him moved along. The resident complained that if Flathead County Sheriff’s Office didn’t do anything about him, he and the neighbors would “deliver the man to law enforcement” themselves.

Five pigs were hanging out on Kalispell road.

Another Kalispell resident complained about a neighbor’s uncontained ducks allegedly defecating all over the neighborhood. They also mentioned a concern about neighborhood dogs getting hurt if they tried to “get” the ducks.