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Letters to the editor Sept. 19

| September 19, 2023 12:00 AM

Culture shifts are for the worse

It has been said that the Democrats and the Republicans should work for compromise and peace. How we all wish that could happen.

But the divide between the two parties grows ever wider and it seems the chasm will never be crossed. There was a time when both parties agreed, for the most part, on the traditions of morality passed down through the generations.

But the last 10 to 20 years have revealed serious chasms in the solid ground that we once all stood upon.

One party claims to be conservative, though not perfectly so, attempting to conserve what has always been understood to be true and necessary for society’s good.

The other party claims to be progressive, moving toward a more secular, man-centered society which allows modern men and women to discover their own personal freedom regardless of past norms.

There is no doubt there are those from both parties that would claim some of each of these ideas and sincerely desire the best outcome for themselves and their neighbors.

But we have turned a page in America’s chapter and it is glaring. That which has always been known to be true has eroded. When we divorce ourselves from truth, from the way things really are, we move toward instability and chaos.

Abortion was once considered to be the taking of human life by the vast majority. But very slowly and deliberately the conversation changed. If the man-centered ideas were to be realized then the truth about abortion had to be debunked. Use whatever means, the Supreme Court, the medical profession, the legal profession, the experts. Call it reproductive health care. Anything to erase the truth. Now we have a major chasm in once was solid ground.

How did we get to the next chasm? Can a woman be described clearly and succinctly? At one time everyone thought so. What happened? A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl at birth. Everyone understood that. What happened?

We can walk into a Target store and a lie stares at us. Now we see a movement to erase truth, that which is ontological, the way things really are. Our claim to freedom of personal identity and happiness is leaving a trail of pain and destruction, especially for those with real identity confusion and for the vulnerable children who are caught in the middle.

The sexual moral revolution, the fight for personal autonomy is changing the culture and not for the better. We are divorcing ourselves from our Creator and from truth, the way things really are, and as one commentator has said, “if we do that, there is no fixing it on the other side.”

— Susan Sullivan, Kalispell