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Law roundup: Police told to look for man with attitude problem

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 20, 2023 12:00 AM

Someone told the Kalispell Police Department to look for a young man in a red T-shirt with an attitude problem after he reportedly refused to leave and kept returning to a business.

A man suspiciously parked his vehicle and spent a few minutes meeting with another vehicle before circling the lot and parking for a second time. Turns out, the man was just fueling up with some pre-workout Taco Bell before going to the gym. He showed an officer his membership ID.

Two men, possibly addicts, allegedly went up to someone walking home with a friend and threatened to stab and shoot them if they didn’t hand over theiriPhones and AirPods. One of the men allegedly had a knife. One man was taken to jail.

Later on, officers received a call possibly connected with the alleged iPhone robbery. Someone voiced concerns about a shirtless man wearing basketball shorts who was possibly on drugs. The shirtless man reportedly told the caller that he ran out of gas and then pushed his car into the ditch. When they said they were going to call the police he suspiciously asked them not to and another vehicle pulled up. The caller thought the man had knives.

A truck was allegedly left running for five to six hours and a neighbor knocked on the man’s door but there was no answer so they asked officers to do a welfare check. The man was OK, he just forgot he started the truck in the morning.

Bear spray was deployed during a screaming match between two men. All parties were handcuffed and separated. One man was taken to jail.

A man allegedly attacked a woman he had on the ground and took off.

A man with a “blowhorn” was reportedly yelling at cars. He told an officer that he was “spreading his message.” He left after the officer spread a different message.

Alarms went off at a location where the front doors were reportedly smashed.

The friend of an ex-employee, who had reportedly been harassing a woman through text messages, went to her daughter’s house looking for her and asking about a tool in an aggressive way.