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Letters to the editor Sept. 21

| September 21, 2023 12:00 AM

Support Whitefish High School bond

Our children are two of many who benefitted from an outstanding educational experience in the Whitefish school system. As parents, we feel extremely fortunate to live in a community that values and generously supports its public schools. For decades Whitefish citizens have been voting in favor of both capital improvements and operating levies for its schools. We have an educational system for which we can all be proud.

Whitefish School District needs our support again. It is asking the community to vote favorably for a bond to expand the facilities at our high school. A bond was presented to the community in 2008 which would have constructed facilities to accommodate the growing student population projected for 20 years. That bond did not pass and a significantly modified plan was approved by voters in 2012. This meant the new high school was built for 600 students rather than for an enrollment of 800. The school has already reached capacity enrollment. With the enrollment trends we have been experiencing, the numbers are expected to grow.

Let’s do it right the first time! Whitefish has a proud educational tradition and the continuation of that tradition is up to us. Yes, we will be paying for the bond with our property taxes but it helps that we will no longer be paying for the Whitefish Middle School bond which was retired in July.

Please vote yes and help Whitefish schools continue its tradition of educational opportunities for all our kids!

— Scotty and Gayle MacLaren, Whitefish

Chaos at the border

It disturbs me greatly what’s happening to our country. It’s our home. My home. It’s not the world’s home. They have their own countries.

Everyone has or should have the right to protect and care about their home country. Without that basic right, it’s senseless. How did all the millions at the border get there? Seems quite remarkable. It makes you wonder.

All kinds of talk by Congress, but nothing is done to stop. Our formally functioning national federal government is broken and not protecting and caring about what’s happening to America. I guess if the whole world wants to come to our country, oh well, we just stand and watch and do nothing while the America we know disappears. This is worse than if we were being invaded militarily, we would do something about it, but the way illegal aliens are coming, they’re ours for good. You can’t send them back like you could with a military invasion.

The federal government getting upset and suing Texas over them trying to do something about the invasion, like putting up buoys to curb illegals, tells you how functional and worthless our federal government is behaving.

President Biden, if he was coherent, should say, “God save America.” Not jokingly saying, “God Save the Queen” because of the helter skelter condition of our country. Mexico has warned its people who are here illegally not to go to our nation’s capitol because it’s dangerous and lawless.

Borders, boundaries, private property are as old as mankind, unless it’s a world like in the movie “Mad Max.” Without Borders, any country will fall. Right now our country is on a fast freight train to that, unless something is done.

— Robert Gansel, Rexford

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