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Law roundup: Woman clumsily pepper sprays merchandise

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 24, 2023 12:00 AM

A manager called the Kalispell Police Department to report a woman who allegedly purchased pepper spray and accidentally sprayed it onto pairs of sunglasses, causing more than $1,800 in damage. The manager said they needed to report it for insurance purposes but didn’t have any information about her. An officer told the employee the accident did not meet the threshold of criminal mischief. A case report was provided.

A mysterious person wearing a black hoodie and dark pants was allegedly haunting the woods by the river at Lawrence Park and was heard screaming, shouting and seen waving their arms by someone walking on a trail, who called police out of concern.

A slender man, who looked dirty and was drinking something out of a paper cup, with an orange blanket on his head, allegedly went through mailboxes and looked like he was scoping out businesses.

People acting strangely were reportedly running around, dancing and wrestling near a camper where many cars were seen driving up. Officers went to the scene and found two women who reportedly had warrants out of Flathead County Sheriff’s Office and the police department and Montana Highway Patrol.

A man allegedly called police, saying he took away his wife’s medications because she was “messed up on drugs” and he was “afraid for his life” as she ran around the house “screaming and hollering” about the medication. An officer spoke with both parties and discovered she had a serious medical condition that needed to be addressed so the couple left in a hurry to urgent care. The officer planned to follow up to discuss medication management and an in-home service referral.

A woman’s daughter reportedly returned her stolen dog but didn’t return other items by a deadline she had given her.

Garbage was allegedly flying out of a dark gray-blue Chevy Silverado.