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Law roundup: No-return policy for man’s bad behavior

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 26, 2023 12:00 AM

A beastly 6-foot-tall man dressed in black allegedly chewed up a receipt and spit it at an employee. Someone called Kalispell Police Department wanting to press charges for assault and said the man had been harassing an associate’s family. The man got in a vehicle that had a New Jersey license plate and headed northbound on U.S. 93.

A student driver reportedly learned an unfortunate lesson in road rage when a speeding silver crossover almost sideswiped their vehicle, nearly forcing them off the road.

A woman allegedly stood among trees, screaming.

A man wearing slippers with white socks was reportedly looking through a purse and walking back and forth from a garbage can

The path to jail was an arduous one for someone who stopped to take a break on the side of the road in Evergreen, which concerned someone who thought they were passed out.

Someone reportedly recognized a woman seen on a security camera video stealing car batteries.

A hungry “kid” wearing dirty clothes reportedly tried to steal coffee and a bear claw.

Officers responded to a report of a customer wearing a blue backpack who allegedly yelled at staff, threatening them, as he got on a bicycle and an employee wanted him kicked off the property. When police arrived, the man took off running, but he wasn’t fast enough and was taken to jail. The man had a criminal history and three warrants.

Someone with all thumbs allegedly pressed too many numbers on their phone and dialed 911.

Someone mistook two adults hanging out on the side of a building for teenagers and told officers they were concerned that they were not in school and looked dirty.

A woman was allegedly upset about police “almost breaking down her door,” regarding a welfare check called in by a man who she hired to plow her driveway in the winter, wanting to know how the decision was made, saying she thought he was stalking her. She was “very confused” about the timeframe of the police visit.

Methamphetamine was reportedly found in a parked vehicle during a search and someone asked for an officer to collect it.

Officers received a report of a man and woman with duffle bags taking items from a truck parked behind an arcade, leading an employee to suspect they were stealing. The truck owner told an officer they knew the man. The business owner advised the man “to call before he just comes over to the business.”