Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Law roundup: The time is not right for dancing in the street

| September 27, 2023 12:00 AM

Someone was spooked by a bearded man with long hair as he reportedly danced across the street and inched closer to them, making “weird movements.” He reportedly was holding something long in his hand, which they thought was a weapon, and had a blanket. Kalispell Police Department responded and the man jigged away.

A man allegedly yelling at a woman about alcohol and a car alarm going off was heard by someone driving around the area.

The head of a sober living home reportedly walked downstairs and charged up to a resident, yelling. The resident asked if he was going to hit them, which reportedly angered the individual more, who walked back upstairs and began throwing things and continuing to yell, while they locked themselves in a room and called the police saying it was uncharacteristic of the person to act this way toward them. The two agreed to separate for the day.

Columbia Falls Police Department ticketed the careless driver of a Ford half-ton truck with Arizona license plates after it reportedly breezed through a school’s bus lane despite a bus stop arm being extended. The pickup allegedly hit the stop sign. No injuries were reported.

A caller was advised that a complaint about a florist allegedly keeping a man’s down payment of about $5,000 for flower arrangements for his daughter’s wedding and then selling the company would probably be a civil issue handled in small claims court. Still, officers agreed to investigate.

A woman who recently moved into an apartment building next to a restaurant and casino reportedly found it “extremely weird” to see six to seven people outside who left in different vehicles. She wanted officers to contact the property owners to find out what the people were doing. She said she was afraid to look out her window.

Someone called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office after their girlfriend allegedly smashed a mirror and used the shards to cut the walls. She was also “ripping the bed into pieces” in Kalispell.

A laser was reportedly pointed at airplanes trying to land in Kalispell for three consecutive nights.

Someone allegedly left their husky running loose to become someone else’s problem to catch because they were headed to work.

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