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Law roundup: Man learns guns and booze don’t mix

| September 29, 2023 12:00 AM

A man disarmed by a police officer after mixing a gun with alcohol phoned the Columbia Falls Police Department to inquire about where and how he could recover the weapon. The officer who took the weapon mentioned he could get it back upon sobering up, the man explained. Officials told him he could come down to the Police Department at his leisure to pick up the handgun.

Returning from a vacation to find he had been ticketed for having a dog at large, a resident called authorities concerned his pet had bitten someone. Officers told him he needed to speak with animal control.

Fed up with a mangy and allegedly vicious dog running loose in the neighborhood, a resident sought police intervention. She told officers that the dog, a black Labrador retriever, lives on Third Avenue West and routinely uses her yard as a bathroom. She suspected the dog’s owner lets the animal out in the morning before leaving for the day.

Another resident worried that the neighbors were abusing and neglecting their dog. They told the police that they had seen one of the owners hose the dog when it barks. The other had responded to the barking by grabbing the dog and telling it to “shut up.” Officers suggested the concerned resident call back when the abuse or neglect was ongoing.

Authorities were summoned to Sixth Avenue for a report of a parked car with its horn going off for 40 minutes straight. Officers found the white Dodge Nitro, but noted that the vehicle had fallen silent.

A resident missing a gold-faced Gucci watch phoned the Police Department to see if anyone had turned in the timepiece.

Officers took possession of a black and white Australian shepherd after a resident turned it into authorities. They later reunited the animal with its owner.

A tenant who found an eviction notice slipped beneath their door called the police hoping to have their questions answered. Officers suggested the tenant phone the civil department of the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office.

A motorist allegedly intentionally ran down a mailbox on 13th Street.

A hard-charging pit bull allegedly burst into an Eighth Street yard and nearly bit the resident’s friend. Lucky, the fleet-footed friend dodged the animal, the resident told police. The pair ended up chasing the dog off with a baseball bat.

Officers tried to track down a pair of allegedly foul-mouthed children riding electric scooters near Fourth Avenue and cussing out passersby. The person who phoned in the vulgar children said they only wanted the pair counseled on their behavior.

A caller phoned police to report a “wobbly” and likely intoxicated woman leaving a bar and hopping behind the wheel of a silver Honda.

Finding the parking lot had become a haven for teenagers looking to roughhouse, a store manager asked officers to intervene.