Monday, April 15, 2024

Law roundup: Neighbor keeps barking up the wrong tree

by Daily Inter Lake
| April 1, 2024 12:00 AM

A resident was tired of a neighbor’s harassment over their outdoor dog when she reportedly kept turning her in to animal control — about six or seven times — without any findings. The witch hunt allegedly escalated when she went onto the resident’s property and recorded videos through their fence and sent them to the property manager and other people. 

A man wearing a long black coat was being escorted off a property when he reportedly pulled out a 5-inch-long fixed blade and told staff, “I’ve got this for you.” He was then escorted to jail by the Kalispell Police Department. His compatriot was also located and taken to jail on two felony warrants.

A man allegedly received 100 texts daily from his ex-girlfriend after he broke up with her because his wife found out about their relationship. He said he blocked six phone numbers but the texts kept rolling in. He was advised to seek a temporary restraining order.

A roommate reportedly turned the power off to a man’s bedroom who called the police with questions about his rights. 

A truck reportedly tried to ram the back of a woman’s car and run “her family” off the road. An officer sent a video she gave them to an operations supervisor at a business that also had cameras on vehicles. He said he would investigate the incident.

A patient was allegedly kicked out of a medical center for threatening to shoot another patient and when he left, he said he was going to get his gun and come back to shoot the place up. The medical center wanted officers to let the man know he was not allowed to be on the property. 

Someone alerted police to large chunks of frozen mud falling off construction equipment creating road hazards on the highway. Officers checked the area and removed a giant rock from a northbound lane.

A woman was reportedly hanging out by a store’s shopping cart area yelling at customers and refusing to leave. An existing warrant was located and she was taken to jail.

A Chevy Suburban reportedly hit a business’s point-of-sale machine, scratching it, and left the scene. The driver returned to the business the next day and an employee confronted him about the damage. The man said he was going to get his insurance information but instead took the opportunity to flee the scene again. When he didn’t return, the employee called the police, telling them they found out the license plates on the vehicle were registered to a different man who sold the vehicle to the runaway man. Police left him a message to contact the employee and pay for the damages.

A resident and their neighbor’s fences were damaged.