Monday, April 15, 2024

Law roundup: Busybody wants the scoop before bedtime

by Daily Inter Lake
| April 2, 2024 12:00 AM

A busybody called the Kalispell Police Department because someone downstairs slammed their door and wanted to know what was going on before going to bed. 

A man was taken to the hospital for an involuntary mental health evaluation when he allegedly walked outside holding a rifle, yelling that he was going to start shooting people.

A man reportedly called dispatch, swearing and screaming about a woman who needed to be removed, but it was so loud it was difficult to understand what he was saying. This didn’t stop him and he continued screaming and cussing and wouldn’t answer their questions, saying he was going to sue. Eventually, it was ascertained that he was distressed about possibly being arrested for violating a protection order if his ex, who was allegedly sitting in a truck down the street, came to his house and he wanted an officer on the premises to calm him down and be a visible presence for his ex to see.

Someone saw a man with long scruffy hair sitting in the driver’s seat of a Buick reportedly slap and punch either a small adult or youth in the passenger’s seat.

A resident complained about people living in a camper parked in front of a house across the way and the squalor they were creating, alleging that a garbage pile in the driveway was “chest high.”

A woman wearing a leather jacket and boots was reportedly pacing, swearing and throwing her arms in the air.

Officers checked on a man lying in the street and had him move to the side.

Multiple sightings of two German shepherds running around the area for hours were reported to police.

A woman with a shopping cart allegedly went from house to house, digging through trash cans. Someone called the police when she went on to their neighbor’s porch and was talking to herself and looking into the windows.