Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Letters to the editor April 29

| April 29, 2024 12:00 AM

GOP endorsements

Please support and vote for Republicans Courtney Sprunger (Montana House), Matt Regier (Montana Senate) and Carl Glimm (Montana Senate) in the upcoming primary election.  

I want to thank these outstanding Republican legislators for their good work on DEQ and planning legislation. Their hard work cuts red tape in the DEQ and planning process.   

Sen. Carl Glimm, Rep. Courtenay Sprunger and Speaker of the House Matt Regier were especially instrumental in this effort. 

Glimm carried SB285 and SB327 and worked tirelessly on HB364. These great bills improved the DEQ review process, cutting red tape and at the same time protect the environment.  

Representative Sprunger on the House Local Government Committee put a tremendous amount effort into working with us in the house to get excellent bills over the finish line such as SB275 and SB382. Sprunger is still working on DEQ legislation during the interim, which is very impressive.   

 Regier was instrumental in navigating these bills to completion.  

Please join me in supporting Sprunger, Regier and Glimm in the primary election.  

— Jeff Larsen, Lakeside

Term limits

This week Sens. Jon Tester and Steve Daines voted to spend an additional $95 billion on wars in Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. $95 billion dollars that will need to be borrowed and inflated. $95 billion dollars that our kids will have to pay off. And, worst of all, $95 billion dollars that will kill thousands of people in unnecessary wars that could have been averted by a competent president.

I worked for Congress and have seen how this story plays out. People like Jon Tester and Steve Daines go to Washington D.C. with good intentions. They are not bad men, but the corrupt lobbyists and political sycophants on Capitol Hill eventually convince even the strongest men to choose corporate and foreign interests over their constituents.

Since we don’t have term limits, the only solution when our representatives have been corrupted is to defeat them electorally. To that end, I will be voting against Tester this fall and against Daines in 2026.

— Marcus Esmay, Whitefish

A senator we can trust

A recent newspaper headline stated, “GOP comes out swinging in defense of Sheehy.” This generated many questions as to which story we are to believe.  Did Tim Sheehy’s gunshot wound come from friendly fire in Afghanistan or the Logan Pass parking lot?  

Is it acceptable to lie to a federal officer to cover up what really happened? If you look up the Navy SEAL code, you will find, “Uncompromising integrity is my standard. My character and honor are steadfast. My word is my bond.”

Tim Sheehy touts his service as a Navy SEAL but has conveniently forgotten what the code entails. He believes the only thing he did wrong was admitting to something he didn’t do. Sorry, but in my book that is still a lie.  

I appreciate Tim’s service defending our country, but we need to elect a senator we can trust and that would be Jon Tester.

— Jan Metzmaker, Whitefish