Thursday, April 18, 2024

Law roundup: No sanctuary for loiterers

by Daily Inter Lake
| February 1, 2024 12:00 AM

A pastor asked the Kalispell Police Department to kick three people off the property who were loitering near the doors of a church’s sanctuary. 

A man with a short fuse reportedly walked into the lobby of an office. When he was instructed to “follow the flow of traffic” he started yelling belligerently. When asked to leave, he went ballistic, flipping tables and throwing papers on the floor on his way out. He drove away in a white 2016 Toyota Corolla.

A 12-year-old girl allegedly returned home with a bloodied face after an 11-year-old boy, wearing a black sweater with angel wings on it, threw ice chunks at her and refused to stop. He then reportedly flipped off the girl's mother.

A woman allegedly called officers after hearing she was reported as a missing person and said she was in Missoula doing fine. Missoula Police met with her and removed her as a missing person.

A suspicious woman wearing multi-colored Crocs, gray sweats and a black jacket was allegedly walking around a building, where she didn’t live, looking in the ground-floor windows and checking doors.

Four “kids” were reportedly smoking vapes and cigarettes. Officers counseled three individuals and contacted school resource officers.

A woman’s ex-boyfriend allegedly got into her parked car, told her to drive, took her phone and hit her in the ribs and head. Taking the car keys, she got out and went into a business where she borrowed a phone and called the police. The pair were separated and the man got a ride with a friend.

A woman accompanied by a child, who looked about 8 years old, was reportedly approaching people asking for money in a parking lot and someone was concerned about the boy’s welfare. Officers were unable to locate the pair.

A woman in the middle of an intersection in Whitefish was reportedly flagging people down and trying to get into vehicles.

Someone calling the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office from Somers allegedly saw 10 dogs with matted fur caged in a small, partially covered, outdoor enclosure filled with feces and urine. They did not see any food or water for the canines.

A woman reportedly attacked her husband in Columbia Falls.

Three vehicles allegedly slid into each other on a “super slick” Lake Blaine Road. No one was injured.

“Raggedy” people were reportedly loitering around a building and acting suspiciously.

Renters in Somers allegedly stole “a bunch of stuff,” including a four-wheeler after being kicked out.

A man was reportedly pounding on the wall as well as screaming and crying, disturbing a neighbor in the Kalispell duplex.

A neighbor reportedly kept setting a dog loose in Kalispell by detaching it from a zipline runner.

A go-cart was reported stolen in Kalispell.

Someone calling from Whitefish reported a large rock in the street was creating a road hazard and couldn’t be moved by hand.