Thursday, April 18, 2024

Letters to the editor Feb. 1

| February 1, 2024 12:00 AM

Plea for civility

The article in the Inter Lake’s Sunday edition on the Fortine wood bank volunteers was absolutely beautiful. Similarly, Monday’s profile of Jodie Cross at the United Way was just brilliant! What wonderful people who evidently care about everyone and only want to do good things for their communities. 

I have read similar articles over the years and I applaud the Inter Lake for highlighting so many loving and giving citizens. Other newspapers could learn some things about sharing good news on the front page.

I couldn’t help but notice, however, that there are always some things missing from these lovely articles. There is no vitriol, no angry blaming, no trying to cast anyone as the enemy, no questioning of intelligence or patriotism. I’m not sure anyone could even tell how these stellar citizens voted in the last election or for whom they will vote in upcoming races. 

Could we all please remember this as we go forward? Each of us has ties to this community and love it. We may desire different things but that does not make anyone evil, wrong, stupid, an outsider, or any other aspersion that can be cast. 

We have a lot of problems that we can face together and share good ideas to make the Flathead a great place for everyone. Let’s forget the idea that unless we each get everything we want without conversation or compromise, we don’t have to play nicely in the sandbox. We are all someone’s child, mom, dad, friend, co-worker, or acquaintance. If we see each other in this way, we will truly be worthy of our beautiful state.

— Jill Mueth, Kalispell

Mansion shopping

Did you ask the governor to purchase a $4 million house in Helena?

Gov. Greg Gianforte announced he is going to donate this house for future governors to use. Don’t we already have a state residence for the governors to use?

Does this mean this $4 million house Gianforte will use and then gift to the state will give him a tax deduction?  

I, respectfully, as a member of the endangered species called “local Montanan” decline his gift. It looks to me like it benefits him alone and his taxes.

He and his legislators raised my property taxes. I am not happy about it, are you? Why doesn’t he announce he is going to have a special session to fix it for those of us who are not billionaires or corporations?

In a discussion on another subject, at a city council meeting, a frustrated Kalispell mayor said he wished Gianforte would just shut up. With all due respect, so do I.

— Karlene Khor, Kalispell

C-Falls school roof

It might be feasible and profitable to investigate cost versus benefits of installing solar panels as part of roofing replacement on all large buildings.

— Peter Daniels, Polson

Support for military

Jill Williams recent letter conveniently omitted the facts about former President Donald Trump’s disdain and contempt for the military and our honorable service members, past and present. 

Our President Joe Biden and Montana’s Sen. Jon Tester have done more for military members, veterans and their families than disrespectful Donald Trump. 

Educate yourself.

— Melissa Case, Valier