Thursday, April 18, 2024

Law roundup: Case of the suspicious vehicle solved before officers arrive

by Daily Inter Lake
| February 2, 2024 12:00 AM

A resident reporting a possibly abandoned silver Volvo to the Kalispell Police Department had the case broken wide open by the time officers arrived. The vehicle belonged to his grandson, he told authorities.

Officers cited the owner of a white Ford pickup truck after it was left in a handicap parking spot, prompting the manager of the business to contact the authorities. 

The police stickered another vehicle at the behest of a caller. According to the person behind the complaint, the maroon and silver Chevrolet truck had been left in the same spot for three weeks. 

A box moving van reportedly left on the side of the road for several months also received a sticker. 

A man accused another individual of libeling him on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. He told investigators that the other person had set up a post labeling him a sex offender. By the time officers looked into it, the post and the person’s profile page had vanished. 

Suspecting a case of perjury, an individual contacted the police to report an individual for lying in court about six months prior. 

Nonstop barking in the neighborhood for months on end prompted a woman to call the authorities. All of the dogs in the neighborhood were barking, she told officers. She described it as a problem since she moved to the area in August 2023 and pointed to the dogs in one household in particular as the root of the troubles. She reported previously leaving a note for them about the barking, but nothing had changed. Officers unsuccessfully attempted to contact the dog owners and left a door notice.

The victim of fraudulent charges sought help from investigators after struggling to regain access to her frozen accounts. The financial institution’s representatives kept telling her she needed to give them more information before they could restore access. She hoped officers could offer her advice. 

Officers cited a man described as being unruly after learning he was previously barred from the property where the alleged disturbance occurred. They also advised him on his outstanding warrants. 

A woman phoned the police after finding a notice about barking dogs on her door. After officers apprised her of the situation, she told them that if it came from the same person that previously complained to her then they were mistaken. She lets her pitbull mix out early in the morning and then again between 6:40 and 9 p.m. She offered to provide surveillance camera footage that proved it. 

A resident tracked down the person suspected of stealing his generator and passed that information along to detectives. The generator had turned up in a pawnshop in Polson.