Thursday, April 18, 2024

Law roundup: Brake lines cut after troublemaker moves out

| February 5, 2024 12:00 AM

The brake line was reportedly cut on a woman’s vehicle. The woman told the Kalispell Police Department she noticed the brakes were acting strangely and leaking fluid after kicking out a woman staying with her for “causing trouble.” She believed the woman, who moved out of the state, had someone do the deed.

Someone purportedly wanted to speak to an officer about “the crime of perjury” from six months ago. 

A woman called the police alleging every dog in the neighborhood was barking. She claimed the “crazy barking dogs” living in homes surrounding her house had been barking nonstop since she moved there in August 2023, an impressive record. She said she previously wrote a note to the owners of the nosiest dogs to no avail.

A woman reportedly said she hadn’t been dialing 911 and hanging up but was receiving all the callbacks from dispatchers.

A man was upset that a Facebook Marketplace scammer allegedly posted a Craigslist ad about him being a sex offender and provided a name with the associated Facebook profile. Police had no history with the name provided and the Facebook profile has since been deleted along with all the posts. Officers advised there was little they could do without a suspect and chances were that the suspect was an international scammer based on comments said in a conversation. They instructed the man to flag and report all the concerning Craigslist posts.

A maroon and silver Chevy truck with a white topper allegedly sat at a location for three weeks.

A man alleged that someone wrote a bad check using one stolen from his truck.

Someone called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office from Kalispell when they allegedly almost hit a man pulling into their driveway and said they saw someone “prowling around” the area in the days prior.

Someone called deputies after reportedly seeing the front door open at a Columbia Falls house. They were suspicious that someone parked in the back, climbed over the fence and got in the house when the person stopped responding to dispatch and the line disconnected. Deputies cleared and secured the house. It was thought that cleaners left the door ajar after leaving.

A woman allegedly saw someone going through her mailbox.