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Legals for February, 6 2024

| February 6, 2024 12:00 AM

NO. 30026 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE OF REAL PROPERTY  AND PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by MICHAEL J. KLEPPERICH, of the public sale of the real property hereinafter described pursuant to the “Small Tract Financing Act of Montana” (Section 71-1-301, et seq., MCA), together with the public sale of the personal property hereinafter described pursuant to Section 30-9A-613 of the Montana Uniform Commercial Code. The following information is provided: THE NAME OF THE GRANTOR(S), ORIGINAL TRUSTEE, THE BENEFICIARY IN THE DEED OF TRUST AND THE SECURED PARTY, ANY SUCCESSOR IN INTEREST TO THE BENEFICIARY OR GRANTOR, ANY SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE, AND THE PRESENT RECORD OWNER: Grantor (Deed of Trust): HEATHER BRIANNA SULLIVAN, an unmarried person (“Sullivan”) Grantor (Consumer Loan Note, Security Agreement and Disclosure Statement): HEATHER BRIANNA SULLIVAN Original Trustee: OLD REPUBLIC NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY Successor Trustee: MICHAEL J. KLEPPERICH, an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Montana (the “Trustee”) Beneficiary: 21ST MORTGAGE CORPORATION (the “Bank”) Secured Party: 21ST MORTGAGE CORPORATION Present Record Owner of Real Property: HEATHER BRIANNA SULLIVAN Present Record Owner of Personal Property: HEATHER BRIANNA SULLIVAN THE DESCRIPTION OF THE REAL PROPERTY SECURED BY THE DEED OF TRUST IS: The real property and its appurtenances in Flathead County, Montana, more particularly described as follows: TRACT 4 OF CERTIFICATE OF SURVEY NO. 22271, LOCATED IN THE SOUTH 1/2 SECTION 4, TOWNSHIP 29 NORTH, RANGE 20 WEST, P.M.M., FLATHEAD COUNTY, MONTANA.  The Real Property may be more commonly known as 128 Back Forty Vw., Columbia Falls, MT 59912, or 2281 Highway 206, Columbia Falls, MT 59912.  RECORDING DATA: The following instruments and documents have been recorded in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office in Flathead County, Montana. Deed of Trust dated February 17, 2023, and recorded February 24, 2023, as Instrument No. 2023-000-02786, Official Records of Flathead County, Montana;  Substitution of Trustee dated December 11, 2023, and recorded December 13, 2023, under Document No. 202300022041, records of Flathead County, Montana. PERSONAL PROPERTY SUBJECT TO SALE: The personal property that will be sold at the sale is more particularly described as follows (the “Personal Property Collateral”): A 2023 Fleetwood Manufactured Home, Serial No. FLE230ID22-37788AB (the “Manufactured Home”), and all accessions, attachments, accessories, replacements and additions to the Manufactured Home, whether added now or later. THE DEFAULT FOR WHICH THE SALE IS MADE IS: Nonpayment of all principal, interest, and fees due under a certain Consumer Loan Note, Security Agreement and Disclosure Statement dated February 17, 2023, which is secured by the Deed of Trust and the Personal Property Collateral. Sullivan failed to make full payment due on June 3, 2023, and each payment due thereafter.  THE SUMS OWING ON THE OBLIGATION SECURED BY THE DEED OF TRUST AND THE PERSONAL PROPERTY COLLATERAL AS OF December 15, 2023, ARE: Principal:  $289,402.83 Interest: Interest continues to accrue at a rate of 10.200% per annum. As of December 15, 2023, the interest balance is $18,432.58.  Fees:  $946.15.   The Bank anticipates and intends to disburse such amounts as may be required to preserve and protect the real property and the Personal Property Collateral, and for real property taxes that may become due or delinquent, unless such amounts or taxes are paid by Purcell or successor in interest to Purcell. If such amounts are paid by the Bank, the amounts or taxes will be added to the obligation secured by the Deed of Trust and the Personal Property Collateral. Other expenses to be charged against the proceeds of the sale include the Trustee’s and attorney’s fees, and costs and expenses of sale. THE TRUSTEE, AT THE DIRECTION OF THE BANK, HEREBY ELECTS TO SELL THE REAL PROPERTY AND PERSONAL PROPERTY COLLATERAL TO SATISFY THE AFORESAID OBLIGATIONS. THE DATE, TIME, PLACE AND TERMS OF SALE ARE: Date:   May 1, 2024 Time: 11:00 a.m., Mountain Standard Time or Mountain Daylight Time, whichever is in effect. Place: Crowley Fleck PLLP office, 1667 Whitefish Stage Rd., Kalispell, MT 59901. Terms: This sale is a public sale and any person, including the Bank, and excepting only the Trustee, may bid at the sale. The bid price must be paid in cash. The conveyance will be made to the high bidder by Trustee’s Deed and UCC Transfer Certificate. The Personal Property Collateral will be sold together with the real property.    Accounting:  Sullivan is entitled to an accounting of the unpaid indebtedness secured by the Deed of Trust and Personal Property Collateral. Grantor may request an accounting, at no charge, by contacting Michael J. Klepperich, P.O. Box 2529, Billings, MT 59103-2529, telephone no. (406) 252-3441. Dated this 15th day of December, 2023. /s/ Michael Klepperich MICHAEL J. KLEPPERICH Trustee STATE OF MONTANA : ss. County of Yellowstone This instrument was acknowledged before me on this 15th day of December, 2023, by MICHAEL J. KLEPPERICH, as Trustee. /s/ Sharon Skaggs Printed Name Sharon Skaggs [NOTARY SEAL] Notary Public for the State of Montana Residing at Billings, Montana My commission expires: 2-7-26 File No. 091560-000073 Jan. 23, 30 and Feb. 6, 2024 MNAXLP __________________________

NO. 30054 TANKO LAW OFFICE BRIAN C. TANKO, ESQ. Montana Bar No. 5194 392 - 1st Avenue East North Kalispell, MT 59901 Tel: (406) 257-3711 Fax: (406) 257-3722 Email:  Web: Attorney for Personal Representative MONTANA ELEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT, FLATHEAD COUNTY In Re: The Estate of: KATHLEEN MAYA CROW, Deceased. Cause No.: DP-24-17 Robert B Allison Distict Court Judge NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed Personal Representative of the above-named Estate. All persons having claims against the said deceased are required to present their claims within four (4) months after the date of the first publication of this Notice or said claims will be forever barred. Claims must either be mailed to Michael Stevenson, the Personal Representative, return receipt, to: c/o Tanko Law Office, 392 – 1st Avenue E.N., Kalispell, MT 59901 or filed with the Clerk of the above Court. DATED this 22 day of January, 2024. /s/ Michael Stevenson MICHAEL STEVENSON, Personal Representative Submitted by: TANKO LAW OFFICE /s/ Brian C Tanko BRIAN C. TANKO, ESQ. Attorney for Personal Representative Jan. 30 and Feb. 6, 13, 2024 MNAXLP __________________________

NO. 30055 Montana 11th Judicial District Court Flathead County In the Matter of the Name Change of Jennifer Bailey: Jennifer Bailey, Petitioner Cause No.: DV-23-1505 Notice of Hearing on Name Change ROBERT B ALLISON This is notice that Petitioner has asked the District Court for a change of name from Jennifer Arlene Bailey to Jenni Arlene Bailey. The hearing will be on Feb 28, 2024 at 8:30 AM The hearing will be at the Courthouse in Flathead County. Date: January 12, 2024 /s/ Peg Allison Clerk of District Court By: Deputy Clerk of Court Jan. 30 and Feb. 6, 13, 20, 2024 MNAXLP __________________________

NO. 30056 Montana 11th Judicial District Court Flathead County In the Matter of the Name Change of: Italia Rose Paulus Jenny Dawn Paulus Petitioner Cause No.: DV-24-44 Dept. No.: AMY EDDY Notice of Hearing on Name Change of Minor Child This is notice that Petitioner has asked the District Court for a change of name from Italia Rose Paulus to Italia Rose Hoerner The hearing will be on 3/5/24 at 8:30 a.m. The hearing will be at the Courthouse in: Flathead County. Date: January 23, 2024 Peg L. Allison Clerk of District Court BY: /s/Anissa Neils Deputy Clerk of Court/Anissa Neils Jan. 30 and Feb. 6, 13, 20, 2024 MNAXLP __________________________

NO. 30057 Lost or Stolen Bicycles If you have had a bicycle lost or stolen between the period of July 2023 and January 2024, the Kalispell Police Department may have it in their possession. KPD intends to donate all found and/or abandoned bicycles on February 12, 2024, if not claimed prior, in accordance with City Resolution 4841. Please call 758-7772 with a description of your lost or stolen bike to claim. Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 2024 MNAXLP __________________________

NO. 30069 PUBLIC OPPORTUNITY TO PROTEST TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP OF Montana All-Alcoholic Beverages License AGAVE, INC. (CARMINA LOPEZ, Owner(s)) has applied to transfer Montana All-Alcoholic Beverages License No. 07-901-2493-001 to be operated at BIG BUCKS SPORTS BAR & GRILL, 1545 Mt Highway 35, Kalispell, County. The public may protest this license transfer in accordance with the law. Who can protest this transfer? Protests will be accepted from residents of the county of the proposed location County, residents of adjoining Montana counties, and residents of adjoining counties in another state if the criteria in 16-4-207(4)(d), Montana Code Annotated (MCA), are met. What information must be included? Protest letters must be legible and contain (1) the protestor’s full name, mailing address, and street address; (2) the license number 07-901-2493-001 and the applicant’s name AGAVE, INC.; (3) an indication that the letter is intended as a protest; (4) a description of the grounds for protesting; and (5) the protestor’s signature. A letter with multiple signatures will be considered one protest letter. What are valid protest grounds? The protest may be based on the applicant’s qualifications listed in 16-4-401, MCA, or the grounds for denial of an application in 16-4-405, MCA. Examples of valid protest grounds include: (1) the applicant is unlikely to operate the establishment in compliance with the law; (2) the proposed location cannot be properly policed by local authorities; and (3) the welfare of the people in the vicinity of the proposed location will be adversely and seriously affected. How are protests submitted? Protests must be postmarked to the Department of Revenue, Office of Dispute Resolution, P.O. Box 5805, Helena, Montana 59604-5805 on or before February 23, 2024. What happens if the transfer is protested? Depending on the number of protests and the protest grounds, a public hearing will be held in Helena or Kalispell. All valid protestors will be notified of the hearing’s time, date and location. Hearings typically are scheduled within 90 days. A protester’s hearing testimony is limited to the grounds in the protester’s letter. Following the hearing, the Department of Revenue will notify the public whether the license transfer is approved or denied. How can additional information be obtained? The cited MCA statutes are online at Questions may be directed to Brennan Smith, Compliance Specialist for the Department of Revenue’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, at 444-5871 or Feb. 6,13, 2024 MNAXLP __________________________