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Letters to the editor Feb. 6

| February 6, 2024 12:00 AM

Illegal immigrants

As head of a soup kitchen in Kalispell, I’m appalled that money and medical care are given to illegal immigrants.

Christmas Day we served an older gentleman who’d lost his long-term rental. He had nowhere to cook.  Luckily, he found a place to sleep.  

I’ve seen people needing detox finding none in Northwest Montana. I’ve seen people struggling to get back on the right track unable to find the mental health treatment they need to recover. I’ve seen widows sleeping on the street. I’ve seen single mothers fleeing abuse to them and/or their children sleeping in vehicles as there is no place nor help available for them.  

These facts are an American tragedy and a travesty of American justice.

Please rescind all aid to illegal immigrants.  

A recent story in the Daily Inter Lake quoted an immigrant woman complaining that before she left her home country she’d never gone without food or shelter. Americans and Montanans are homeless and hungry every day.  

Do not give illegal immigrants cell phones, homes, stipends, food stamps and Medicaid. Use the money to help Americans thrive and become contributing citizens.

Please stop the influx of illegal immigrants, their drugs, their gangs and incipient terrorism. They are a drain on our economy. Stop them before they enter the U.S. Deport them if they are already here.

— Bradford Fenchak, Kalispell

Support for troops

I am writing in response to Jill Williams letter to the editor on Jan. 30. I cannot stay quiet when she talks about former President Trump supporting the troops. 

Is she talking about the same man who called Sen. John McCain a coward for becoming a prisoner of war when his plane was shot down during the Vietnam war? Or is she talking about the former president who said he would give part of his salary to the wounded veterans coming home, but never donated a penny. 

I’m sure she would not complain when Trump took money from the military defense budget that supports our troops to build the border wall that he said Mexico was going to pay for. 

I wonder if Jill is paying attention when Trump says he’ll be a dictator for a day, or if she notices that he raises his hand in salute just like the German gentleman who became a dictator 90 years ago. 

Food for thought. 

— Jack Aubrey, Kalispell

‘Open border’ lies

It is not surprising that so many recent letters to the editor rant about the Democrat’s “open border” policy.  After all, that is the lie repeated again and again by Montana’s Republican senator and representatives in Congress. Should not we all expect our legislators to tell the truth about what truly is a crisis at our southern border? Alas, such is not the case with the MAGA Republican rank and file.

For those who want to know the truth about the Democratic Party’s stance on the border, the fact check from the website Snopes will enlighten you. But a heads-up — it proves the inane lies about Dems having an “open border” policy are truly lies.

Other actual fact-checking sites will corroborate the truth about Daines’, Zinke’s and Rosendale’s false claims on the issue. However, note that Fox & Friends, NewsMax, RT and Pravda do not count as fact-checkers.

Kudos to those of you who actually read the truth of the matter. If you refuse to do so, then be aware that your willful ignorance definitively proves that you have been fully indoctrinated into the anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-democracy propaganda generated by former President Trump and his minions, that is fully intended to destroy our liberties and the way of life promised by the Declaration of Independence, and embodied in our Constitution.

— Al Weed, Kalispell

Child tax credits votes

In response to “Zinke, Rosendale differ on child tax credit bill.”

This bill passed the House 357 to 70. Forty-seven Republicans voted against it. That means that 23 Democrats voted against it. 

Rosendale was characterized as far right. Does this mean that the 23 Democrats who voted against the bill are far right also? 

Maybe the bill was just filled with pork, and those who actually read the bill voted against the pork.

— William Fry, Kalispell

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