Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Law roundup: Package contains disturbing contents

by Daily Inter Lake
| February 7, 2024 12:00 AM

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a confused and concerned Kalispell woman who reportedly received a package containing a dead piglet. She said the suspicious package listed her address but no name.

A Hungry Horse resident complained about a trespassing neighbor who allegedly came onto their property to release his dog from a trap and then disabled the trap so it couldn’t spring again. 

A woman in Kalispell reportedly confronted a neighbor about cutting through her property and he became verbally aggressive. The next day, she went to his house to talk to his wife and he physically grabbed her, removing her from his property.

An older black Chevy allegedly stopped in front of a driveway in Kila and took off when the resident came outside after hearing two gunshots. The resident found a 22 shell on the ground and wasn’t sure if they were poaching. They told deputies the neighbors had horses and dogs. 

A  woman reportedly had no recollection of her flight home or getting to her house and believed she was drugged at the airport.

Someone allegedly chucked food at a vehicle in Kalispell.

A woman speeding around in a Jeep reportedly swerved across two lanes of traffic while flipping people off on U.S. 2 East.

A woman was reportedly uncomfortable with a pickup driving on a logging road that looped around her property in Coram.

An electric jackhammer, trash pump and leaf blower were reported missing from a locked trailer on a construction site in Kalispell.

Someone in Lakeside allegedly chased a shoplifter with three bags of stolen goods who locked herself in the bathroom.

A vehicle allegedly pulled into a Whitefish property, backed out and ran over a well, damaging it.

A man walking in the middle of a northbound lane on U.S. 2 West reportedly cared more about having an argument with a person, who wasn’t in the road, than possibly getting hit by a vehicle.

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