Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Law roundup: Taxidermied coyote found stuffed in snowbank

by Daily Inter Lake
| February 9, 2024 12:00 AM

A prankster propped a stuffed coyote up on a snowbank along Nucleus Avenue prompting an employee of a nearby grocery store to contact the Columbia Falls Police Department. It looked as though they had also poured blood or red paint around the taxidermied animal, according to the employee. Officers arranged for the coyote’s removal. 

After turning a motorcycle over to the authorities a few weeks back, a man wanted to know how he could get his ride back. 

A man phoned police to let them know that he had a strange woman trapped in his Seventh Street garage. He described her as blonde-haired and wearing Carhart brand clothing. Arriving officers took the woman to the county jail. 

First responders attempted to douse a Chevrolet Suburban that burst into flames after a motor vehicle accident on Diane Road. The blaze was giving off heavy smoke and people were seen throwing water on it. 

A 12th Street resident reported a pair of dogs, a possible pitbull and a Boston terrier, running around the neighborhood. One of the canines looked to be suffering from a broken leg. The resident later said it looked like the animals had returned home. 

A man attempted to apply the dine and dash method to an oil change. He allegedly told the employees of the shop that he would return with a valid card, but never came back. The workers passed along the man’s name to authorities.

Investigating a woman for allegedly trying to shoplift foodstuffs, officers learned that Kalispell Police wanted her on allegations of theft and traffic violations. Her history also included run-ins with Montana Highway Patrol. 

Someone on River Road reported an individual threatening to start a fight. 

A man eventually returned car keys to a woman near Fran Lou Park Lane, but not before she phoned the authorities.

A motorist contacted authorities after passing by an alleyway and spotting a group of people standing around a parked vehicle. He thought one of them fired a gun at him. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle or any spent casings.

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