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Letters to the editor Feb. 9

| February 9, 2024 12:00 AM

Political ruse

U.S. Sen. Jon Tester speaks with a forked tongue on the immigration problem. 

He wants everyone to come together to finally fix the problem, but he supports the Senate border bill which does nothing to stem the flow of illegals into our country and has no chance of passing the House at all. It is obvious Tester knows that all of this is just predetermined political tactics.

Tester knows President Biden can close the border whenever he wants just by reinstating all the policies his predecessor, former President Trump did. Indeed, if Tester was serious about having this bill pass both the House and the Senate, he would have insisted House Speaker Mike Johnson be invited to the negotiations. Nor would he even try to sell the limit of 5,000 illegals allowed per day before anything had to be done. Really? That is ridiculous and Tester knows it.  

All this is just a dirty little political ruse to accomplish three things: Fodder to blame the Republicans for “doing nothing” (even though they have long since passed HR2); to continue to allow millions of unvetted illegals to flood into our country every year; but most importantly to try to paint Tester as a moderate.  

Tester is anything but a moderate. He has supported the far-left agenda with 91% of his votes which qualifies him as one of the most ardent supporters of the progressive agenda. But would he admit his true leanings to the general public? Absolutely not, and that is why he abuses the truth by approving ad campaigns designed to promote a false image of himself. 

He knows if the real Jon Tester was accurately presented to the citizenry of Montana he would not be reelected. So, when it comes to voting, know who and what you are voting for. But if you want our borders closed, it is more than obvious Tester is not your man.

— Mark Agather, Kalispell

GOP is playing games

The Republican party seems to think that running the government is just a game to be played. They don’t take their job seriously, they just play at it, caring more about their perceived power than about the future of this country.  

Recently, a bipartisan group of senators began working on our immigration problem. They worked together for weeks on a bill that would be the first new immigration policy since the Reagan era.

Republicans have been apoplectic about immigration for years now, insisting that it is the most important issue in the county. They rail about migrant caravans and the impact of “illegals” on social welfare systems, insisting that migrants pay no taxes and get everything for free, a statement that is patently absurd, but is one of very few boards in their party platform.  

Despite this, they are now killing a bill they helped create. One word from former President Donald Trump and the whole thing goes out the window. Why? Because Trump doesn’t want Republicans in the House and Senate to give President Biden or the Democrats a win. Never mind the a new immigration plan would also be a win for the country and the people they allegedly represent.

Every time Republicans get a chance to lead, they drop the ball. Time after time, they will kowtow to far-right extremists and to Trump at the expense of anything else.

— Amy Weeks, Columbia Falls

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