Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Law roundup: Barfly fires back when card is declined

by Daily Inter Lake
| February 11, 2024 12:00 AM

A bar patron in Kalispell allegedly went mad when the establishment “didn’t take his card” and began yelling then went outside, firing three gunshots in the air before heading westbound on Montana 35. 

A man calling from Columbia Falls reportedly told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office that people on another property were yelling at him and harassing him. He reportedly thought his ex followed him from Washington to harass him.

Someone allegedly saw a man with golf clubs on his back pushing a bicycle across the greens of a Kalispell golf course. They voiced concerns to deputies that he shouldn’t be there and wondered if he stole the bicycle and golf clubs out of a neighboring resident’s backyard. 

Flames were reportedly seen coming out of a basement and black smoke was filling up a house in Kalispell. The person calling to report the fire said everyone inside made it out but there were still animals inside. They were advised to stay outside. 

A wet and cold toy poodle reportedly limped its way from the direction of the river onto someone’s property in Columbia Falls.

A man calling from Whitefish reported a stop sign he placed on his private road was stolen.

Dispatch heard a woman screaming on an open line. A 22-month-old with a fever was reportedly having a seizure and the grandmother said she needed an ambulance but didn’t know the address and stopped responding to dispatch. 

A woman in Kalispell reportedly grabbed an aggressive stray cat that was attacking her feline and it turned around and bit her. She went to the doctor who advised her to have officers catch the cat and quarantine it.

A dog was allegedly locked in a vehicle parked by a Bigfork bar for at least three hours.

Whitefish Police Department received a call from a woman alleging her deceased mother’s ex-boyfriend showed up with what she believed was a fake title to her mother’s vehicle and wanted advice. The man’s name was not listed on the vehicle registration.

A preschool owner reportedly wanted to know if police could come break down the bathroom door after a child locked themselves inside.

Several students reported anonymous TikTok social media accounts allegedly contained content “attacking” specific students and staff. The account owner(s) was unknown at the time of the reports. 

A grocery store shoplifter was ticketed and released.

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