Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Law roundup: Guests heatedly refuse to leave hot tub

by Daily Inter Lake
| February 12, 2024 12:00 AM

Two lodge guests allegedly refused to get out of the hot tub after being told the area was closed.

A thirsty bearded man wearing a gray shirt and black snow pants reportedly didn’t get the message that he was unwelcome at a bar and kept returning to the location despite being kicked out for taking drinks off tables. A bartender asked Whitefish Police Department to assist in removing him.

Someone allegedly saw a woman driving a black Yukon all over the road with the passenger door open. 

Whitefish Police Department counseled eighth-graders about sharing photos of themselves and using different phone numbers to make prank calls.

An individual who said they were from a gas station company’s legal department asked to speak to an officer about getting a report. They allegedly tried to get the report from the records department but said the employee “sounded annoyed and wasn’t forthcoming with information.”

 Someone allegedly went through an unlocked vehicle and stole spare change.

Dispatch heard a rattling noise when answering a call from a phone number that previously dialed 911 and hung up. Dispatch spoke with a man who said he was on a job site and that he would take his phone out of his pocket.

Someone asked officers to check on the welfare of a 76-year-old when they couldn’t get a phone call through to her after learning she hadn’t shown up to work.  Turns out she misplaced her phone.

Parties disagreeing and acting disorderly were separated.

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