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Letters to the editor Feb. 13

| February 13, 2024 12:00 AM


Just loved reading Matt Regier’s guest column describing DPHHS workers spending long hours poring over copious amounts of paper work in an effort to take undeserving Montana citizens off of Medicaid. 

Our state has paid thousands of dollars to an outside consulting firm to fix our mental health system that remains in chaos. Our state has inadequate drug and alcohol treatment facilities and nursing home closures that require families to travel great distances if they need those services for a family member. 

Well at least Mr. Regier can feel really good that not one undeserving Montana citizen will be left on Medicaid. Apparently he wonders why some “wrongly” directed Montana citizens would make “negative” comments about something he applauds. Wow!

— Marcia Peck, Bigfork

Socialist Democrats

Communism started in Europe in the late 1800s when socialists blamed capitalism for the misery and plight of the common people. Eventually, in the early 1900s, revolutions overthrew the governments of Russia and China and communist governments flourished. One can see parallels with the current U.S. political environment. The Democratic Party is becoming more socialistic. They promote dissent among the workers, the unskilled population, the academic elitists and the millions of illegal foreign immigrants they bring into the country. They have a growing militaristic resentment with our country’s founding principles. The Democratic party of today sure doesn’t espouse the nature and image of the U.S. of old.

 Look at the leader of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden. He is really not the leader of the party in most people’s eyes, someone or a group of someones are making decisions on the major directions of the party. Joe doesn’t know where he is half of the time or what’s going on around him. Democrats don’t seem to care if Joe is playing with all his marbles, they don’t seem to care about anything he does. Joe is not a part of their future. These Democrats in the back room are not concerned about what history teaches us, they are looking long term.

Have you watched an avowed Democrat on a TV news interview or talk show? Or recalled a political conversation with a Democrat relative or friend, if you dared? They’re incorrigible aren’t they, like a drunk or drug addict. Definition of incorrigible: incapable of being corrected, improved, or reformed. Sort of like their response to the illegal immigration at the southern border, “the border is not open!” Their concern about the future of our country is limited to “what’s for dinner.”

 Someday, maybe 10 years or 50 years from now, the Democratic Party will reach a point where “revolution” will become a concept they embrace with vigor. A charismatic leader will emerge and at the right time he or she will start his Mao or Stalin like ascension of a communism takeover of the U.S. Until that time, these sleep-walking supporters, those incorrigibles, are just communists in waiting.

So, when you Democrats want to remake this country, ask yourself this, how many citizens of China or Russia wish they could move to America, or vise versa?

— Duane Egan, Columbia Falls

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