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DECA students take the lead in business competition

Daily Inter Lake | February 21, 2024 12:00 AM

Emerging business leaders and entrepreneurs from Glacier, Whitefish and Flathead high schools have advanced to the DECA International Career Development Conference April 27-30 in Anaheim, California.

DECA is a nonprofit organization that prepares high school and college students for marketing, finance, hospitality and management careers. Competitions help prepare students for a career setting by using skills applicable to the business industry. 

To advance, students made it to the top two, or three, depending on the event, at the state level. Students may only compete in one event at internationals. At state, which was held Feb. 4-6 in Missoula, students competed in team decision-making and individual and written events.

At state, Glacier’s business plan to repurpose clothes hangers won the annual Shark Tank challenge and a $1,000 prize. The Glacier team was also recognized for its Thrive Membership Campaign to recruit new members, engage professionals and involve alumni throughout the year.

The international conference is expected to bring together more than 10,000 high school students from around the world, according to www.deca.org, vying to be named champion in a competitive event. 

Participating students will have the opportunity to attend the Emerging Leader Series, which teaches collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity skills. The conference will also feature college and career exhibits that will help students learn about post-secondary studies or opportunities to expand a school-based enterprise. The conference also provides professional development opportunities for teacher-advisers.

Following are state results.

Written events (top two qualify)

Business Services Operations Research

1. Connor Howard, Tanyon Murray and Nakiah Persinger, Glacier

4. Jack Blodgett, Miller Bushnell and Easton Capser, Flathead

Community Awareness Project

2. Zoey Marzo and Lauren Rossi, Whitefish

3. Jax Stebbins, Flathead

4. Matthew Himsl, Andrew Johnson and Ali Putzler, Flathead

Community Giving Project

1. Katy Bitney and Elise Strobel, Glacier

4. Ava Bee and Iona Sarraille, Whitefish

Franchise Business Plan

2. Laney Franchini-White, Madi Gilchrist and Kyrie Gislason, Flathead

7. Payzlee Boyce, Amelia Mason and Sienna Sterck, Flathead

Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research

1. Jack Boone, Alyssa Conrad and Maya Kinkaid, Glacier

5. Unity Loveless and Annie Walsh, Whitefish

Innovation Plan

1. Lilli Eash, Adison Siegel and Celie VandenBosch, Flathead

2. Luke Banks, Matthew Himsl and Cameron Wells, Flathead

7. Max Bonnet, Keegan West and Logan Yuasa-Green, Flathead

Integrated Marketing Campaign (event)

4. Payzlee Boyce and Chloe Converse, Flathead

7. Jesse Burrough, Mason Genovese and Olivia Genovese, Whitefish

Integrated Marketing Campaign (product)

4. Logan Bingham, Jake Dunker and Vennessa Solomon, Whitefish

Integrated Marketing Campaign (services)

3. Micah Brooks, Ada Milner and Brett Pesola, Flathead

4. Hannah Cantrell, David Moody and Alessandro Pipolo, Flathead

International Business Plan

2. Baylanna Brash and Libby Peltz, Flathead

4. Selena Simms and Madison Stanwood, Whitefish

Sports and Entertainment Operations Research

2. Mary Mercer, Myli Ridgeway and CJ Thew, Whitefish

Start-Up Business Plan

6. Katie Brearey and Ada Milner, Flathead

7. Cooper Norbeck and Luke Rogers, Glacier

Team decision (top three qualify)

Business Law and Ethics Team Decision-Making

4. Kennady Garvin and Maya Kinkaid, Glacier

8. Quindy Gronley and Josh Lee, Glacier

Buying and Merchandising Team Decision-Making

1. Carter Bullins and Miller Bushnell, Flathead

2. Meyer Fauth and Quindy Gronley, Glacier

5. Alessandro Pipolo and Ali Putzler, Flathead

7. Lilli Hadley and Tess Lewison, Glacier

Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making

2. Jack Blodgett and David Moody, Flathead

3. Carter Bullins and Easton Capser, Flathead

4. Carl Bitney and Sam Engellant, Glacier

5. Ally Pollan and Sienna Sterck, Flathead

Hospitality Services Team Decision-Making

1. Alex Hudson and Emmery Schmidt, Glacier

2. Hannah Cantrell and Ali Putzler, Flathead

3. Blake Lindemann and Kevin Fortin, Glacier

7. Caitlin Converse and Gracie Mae Kilmer, Flathead

Financial Services Team Decision-Making

4. Liesel Esser and Abagael Hewitt, Glacier

7. Jake Dunker and CJ Thew, Whitefish

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision

1. Meyer Fauth and Quindy Gronley, Glacier

2. Sam Engellant and Jack Syverson, Glacier

6. Kord Madsen and AJ Zlogar, Glacier    

8. Selena Simms and Madison Stanwood, Whitefish

Travel and Tourism Team Decision-Making

1. Sarah Downs and Haven Speer, Glacier

5. Lilli Eash and Adison Siegel, Flathead

6. Isabelle Crosby and Katherine Eckstrom, Whitefish

Marketing Management Team Decision-Making

4. Alyssa Conrad and Kevin Fortin, Glacier

7. Hannah Cantrell and David Moody, Flathead

Individual events (top three qualify)

Accounting Applications

2. Haven Speer, Glacier

4. Alex Hudson, Glacier

Apparel and Accessories Marketing

1. Sarah Downs, Glacier

2. Zoey Marzo, Whitefish

3. Iona Sarraille, Whitefish

4. Kendall Dolan, Glacier

5. Ava Bee, Whitefish

6. Isabelle Crosby, Whitefish

7. Bryton Clark, Glacier

8. Izzy Brewer, Flathead

Automotive Services Marketing

1. Katy Bitney, Glacier

6. Logan Bingham, Whitefish

Business Finance

3. Jack Syverson, Glacier

4. Owen Carpenter, Glacier

6. Boston Case, Flathead

7. Raymond Zonich, Whitefish

Business Services Marketing

1. Taylor Pooton, Flathead

2. Elaina Stern, Flathead

4. Logan Marlow, Glacier

5. Carmela Forcone, Whitefish

6. Jakoby Isles, Glacier

7. Carsen Wenz, Glacier

8. Austin Sanchez, Flathead

Entrepreneurship Series

1. Jack Blodgett, Flathead

2. Taylor Pooton, Flathead

4. Bailey Kallal, Whitefish

Food Marketing Series

1. Zoey Marzo, Whitefish

2. Micah Brooks, Flathead

3. Bailey Kallal, Whitefish

4. Vincent Lam, Flathead

6. Anna Tretter, Glacier

Hotel and Lodging Management

1. Vincent Lam, Flathead

2. Lauren Rossi, Whitefish

3. Annie Walsh, Whitefish

4. Michael Palmer, Flathead

5. Maya Kinkaid, Glacier

8. Mason Kelch, Whitefish

Human Resources Management

1. Jack Syverson, Glacier

2. Jesse Burrough, Whitefish

3. Vincent Lam, Flathead

4. Michael Palmer, Flathead

6. Taylor Pooton, Flathead

Personal Financial Literacy

5. Nakiah Persinger, Glacier

Quick Serve Restaurant Management

1. Maddie Davis, Glacier

3. Colby Wharton, Whitefish

4. Isabelle Bennett, Flathead    

7. Zaden Stout, Glacier

8. Petra Mauldin, Whitefish

Restaurant Food Services Management

2. Iona Sarraille, Whitefish

3. Sophia Bourriague, Glacier

6. Ella Halliburton, Glacier

7. Keelan Moore, Flathead

Retail Merchandising

2. Josh Lee, Glacier

4. Micah Brooks, Flathead

5. Kord Madsen, Glacier

7. Kailie Owens, Glacier

8. Keelan Moore, Flathead

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

1. Haven Speer, Glacier

4. Kaden Wack, Glacier

7. Boston Case, Flathead

Marketing Communications

1. Sarah Downs, Glacier

2. Jack Boone, Glacier

4. Jakoby Isles, Glacier

6. Isabelle Crosby, Whitefish

7. Kendall Dolan, Glacier

Principles (top three qualify)

Principles of Business Management and Administration

1. Kennady Garvin, Glacier

5. Gannon Wisher, Flathead

6. Nazar Shostak, Flathead

8. Ayslin Johnson, Whitefish

Principles of Finance

3. Ethan Ronngren, Glacier

5. Izik Lamberson, Glacier

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism    

1. Sophia Bourriague, Glacier

5. Jaden Williams, Flathead

7. Kendall Dolan, Glacier

8. Luke Banks, Flathead

Principles of Marketing

1. Meyer Fauth, Glacier

5. Abigail “Scout” Berry, Whitefish

7. Jaydon Pesola, Flathead

8. Boston Case, Flathead

Professional Selling (top two qualify)

Hospitality Tourism Professional Selling

3. Yris Hadziomerovic, Glacier

6. Annie Walsh, Whitefish

Professional Selling

2. Maddie Davis, Glacier

7. Colby Wharton, Whitefish

Financial Consulting Event

5. Olivia Genovese, Whitefish

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