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Letters to the editor Feb. 25

| February 25, 2024 12:00 AM

Cases against Trump

In November 1973 I watched President Nixon on national TV tell the nation: “People have gotta know whether or not their president is a crook. Well I’m not a crook.” 

As we know, Nixon resigned from his presidency and was pardoned by President Ford before the public could find out if Nixon was a crook or if we just needed to take his word for it that he wasn’t. However, Nixon never ran for public office again so this verdict was of less importance in that regard. 

Fortunately, in the case of former President Trump, the American people have the opportunity to find out what Nixon put forth. With the presidential election nine months away it is of utmost importance that the various trials of Trump are resolved and we the people can go to the polls knowing if we are going to vote for a crook or not. 

Everyone is entitled to their opinion regarding the veracity of the cases against Trump, but we are a country of laws and Trump is not above the law. He is entitled to his day in court, but he is not entitled to complete immunity from criminal prosecution and to manipulate his legal issues with his campaign. If Trump wins he will undoubtedly have the cases against him dropped and/or pardon himself. 

 So here we are over 40 years later pondering Nixon’s comments. I want an answer this time and I would hope the majority of American people do too. Let the courts do their job and do it as soon as possible. 

As President Biden recently said: “We know who Donald Trump is. The question is — who are we?”

Let’s find out. 

— Rich Graves, Whitefish

Plow problems

Does anyone know why the Montana Department of Transportation constantly plows the snow up on the sidewalks, but doesn’t plow them? I mean, I appreciate the public service but be pay for it.   

As a residential and commercial plow business, I try to make sure that we clear our mess up. Why are we supposed to be OK with sub-par state work? Do they need more money or time or more workers? 

I think it is time to figure this out as this valley is growing rapidly. 

Also, the businesses along Lasalle across from Evergreen Junior High haven’t been maintaining their sidewalks from the school all the way down to McDonald’s. And the snow contractor has huge piles literally on the sidewalk. I see these kids walking through knee-deep, muddy snow daily and I don’t see any of them wearing good Muck boots.

How is the state planning to keep the walks clean on Reserve Drive when it is five lanes? Just wondering how long the state is going to ignore this?  

I urge you to call the Department of Transportation and inquire. 

— Jeremy Phillips, Kalispell

Given up on NFL

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I haven’t watched professional football since 2016 when Colin Kaepernick disrespected our flag and our country by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem.  

Many fans abandoned professional football as I did, some even gave up their season tickets. But with time many fans came back. Emboldened by the lack of punishment and in an attempt to show solidarity with Black players, the NFL decided to go further than pushing the diversity, equity and inclusion contagion that is destroying our country (such as requiring that a minimum of two Black coaches be interviewed for every head coach position) by playing the Black national anthem at the Super Bowl after the national anthem.  

Is there any other country that has a separate national anthem for Black citizens? Will the Olympics likewise play both anthems when our athletes are on the podium? Can liberals, business leaders, colleges and woke politicians do much more to divide this country and promote racism?  

Tear down statues, devote months to all flavors of minorities, eliminate qualifications for jobs in the name of equity (as United is promising with the next 10 years of pilots). Will anything satisfy the insatiable desire of the woke liberal Whites to quench their need for forgiveness for sins committed over 150 years ago? Do they not see how other countries who also practiced slavery and discrimination seem to have moved on? Probably not.  

I hope college athletics don’t follow suit. I’d hate to have to give up my Ohio State Buckeyes also!

— David Myerowitz, Columbia Falls