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Letters to the editor Feb. 27

| February 27, 2024 12:00 AM

Look beyond propaganda

After initially laughing through Harry Brownlee’s response (Warped perception, Feb. 22) to Carol Santa’s meaningful letter from two days prior, I got to thinking about it and realized that I actually agree with some of what he said. I would, however, change a few key words. 

He refers to Ms. Santa’s letter as typical misinformation spin right out of CNN or MSNBC. I’m guessing Harry sources his own misinformation from that pillar of American journalism that calls itself Fox News. His last statement sums that source up pretty well: a “warped perception of reality.”

So yes, if you are going to vote, you should really try to educate yourself. Start by looking at your choices objectively and with an open mind instead of blindly following the party line. Then ask yourself, does this candidate really represent my personal values — which I hope include honesty, integrity and service to the greater good? 

Expose yourself to more than one point of view and don’t base your choices on the propaganda you hear in political ads paid for by out-of-state PACs who aren’t beholden to the citizens of Montana. If you aren’t sure what a candidate stands for, ask them; but don’t settle for a vague answer like “Montana values” or “Christian values” without insisting on a definition of what those values really are in the candidate’s mind. 

Now, let me state that I identify as an Independent who never votes a straight ticket and doesn’t look at the letter after the candidates names. I will choose public service over self service. I will choose democracy over fascism. Can you say the same thing?

— Tim Wiley, Kalispell

Progressive hypocrisy

Ryan Busse just recently announced his running mate, Raph Graybill, as a “frickin warrior” in the quest to unset Gov. Greg Gianforte, and I am just wondering if anyone else feels that we need fewer warriors and more statesmen and women from top to bottom of our governing bodies across our entire country. 

What really struck me though, was the hypocrisy of a progressive or Democrat choosing his running mate based heavily on his presumed ability to plumb his “personal East Coast ties” and “stint as a Rhodes Scholar” to “be a boon to Busse”s campaign fundraising.” Doesn’t this sound like the very issue out-of -state, evil, campaign funding that is the perennial cry raised by the progressives.

— Neil Lovering, Whitefish