Thursday, April 18, 2024

Law roundup: Hooligans besiege home with sports drinks

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 19, 2024 12:00 AM

Someone allegedly spent a night shooting a carbon dioxide gun at a woman’s house and hurling “Gatorade bombs” on the roof.

A Kalispell hotel manager called the Flathead County Sheriff's Office when a guest, who seemed a “little off” when he checked in, reportedly cemented that impression by punching a vending machine and stealing everything out of it.

A man calling from Whitefish complaining about frostbite and frozen feet told deputies he didn’t want an ambulance unless he could bring his dogs along. When dispatch was unsure what would be done with the dogs he said he would call back if he changed his mind.

A drunk man was reportedly passed out in the driver’s seat of a vehicle at a stoplight in Kalispell.

A woman allegedly receiving texts from a man felt like she was being manipulated but couldn’t specify how the messages were inappropriate, just that he was “manipulating her and being very narcissistic.”

Used condoms were reportedly left on the deck of a man’s house. He said it was part of ongoing harassment he was suffering.

A chimney fire was reported in Kalispell.

A diesel pump hose allegedly broke and fuel was spilling everywhere when someone could not find the switch to shut it off.

A woman called deputies from Whitefish alleging her ex was harassing her and yelled “Leave me alone. Stop following me” to a man heard talking in the background.

Someone checking a friend’s welfare in Columbia Falls reportedly found their home flooded and a dead dog at the residence. 

An angry man allegedly went on a rampage, breaking things in a Kalispell house.

Someone out walking reportedly thought a person fell through the ice when they saw a hole 30 feet out from the shoreline of an unofficial boat launch in Marion. The hole wasn’t there earlier and a Jeep was parked in the area. Nothing was found.

Horses in Whitefish were allegedly going without food and water for some time and a woman who checked on them told deputies she looked for other sets of footprints but did not see any.

Deputies received a later call about “uncovered” horses in Lakeside whose hip bones were reportedly visible. The caller said there was a shelter, but it was facing the wind.

Someone reported a dog chained outside in Whitefish as animal cruelty.

Someone in Kalispell alleged online bank fraud in an amount over $10,000 had occurred.

A vehicle was reportedly left running for an hour in Columbia Falls. No one answered when someone went to see if the occupants needed help. Then, another vehicle showed up and parked by it. A law enforcement response was not needed when the vehicles left.