Thursday, April 18, 2024

Law roundup: Man needs dry cleaners stat

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 21, 2024 12:00 AM

A man called 911 asking for a dry cleaning business in Billings.

A couple was allegedly yelling with two children and drugs present in a home that someone told the Kalispell Police Department was “just a general disaster.”

A man needed a great Dane removed from his house after he kicked out the dog’s drunk owner who allegedly wouldn’t take the dog.

A man was reportedly irate because police left notices to move his vehicle and boat within 72 hours but plows had blocked them in with snow. He purportedly couldn’t shovel the snow out of the way because there was already five feet of snow in his yard. When he said he wanted to shovel all the snow back into the road, the dispatcher said he could also be ticketed for violating city ordinances. After repeating the same statements dispatch hung up when he became “vulgar.” He remained unhappy with the situation when an officer contacted him. 

Police received a later call about neighbors shoveling snow into the road.

A parent wanted advice on helping his 19-year-old son who was living with a woman he was using drugs with.

Officers directed a man standing in the street to the sidewalk after someone complained vehicles had to weave around him. He said he couldn’t see the sidewalk.