Thursday, April 18, 2024

Law roundup: Tenants vanish before eviction notice is served

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 22, 2024 12:00 AM

Someone told the Kalispell Police Department that they were trying to evict tenants who reportedly vanished along with their pet, leaving their belongings, including their phones, inside the apartment. Their phone numbers were no longer in service. A process server also went to their respective employers who said they received emails from individuals stating they quit.  

A woman allegedly had issues with a downstairs tenant wielding the power of having access to the building breaker. She alleged they turned the breaker off and refused to turn it on. Officers attempted to contact the other tenant but there was no answer. The woman was advised to take the matter up with the landlord.

A woman reportedly suspected her estranged husband and mother were committing identity theft against her because the parent had her bank accounting and Medicaid information from a Las Vegas hospital. She said she also ordered a birth certificate that never showed up after someone opened a P.O. box in her name. She was advised Kalispell did not have the legal rights to “pull cellphone records” of texts between the husband and mother and that the hospital matter was out of the department’s jurisdiction.

A man wearing a long blue jacket and white jeans and a woman wearing a white hoodie and beanie allegedly tore a security device off an item on a store display. The pair left but were later spotted waiting by the bathrooms. The store gave the duo free lifetime bans from being on the property.

A woman leaving work reportedly noticed a man sitting in a vehicle parked “super close” to hers. She thought the man looked “super suspicious” and was intentionally parking close to women’s cars.

An 18-year-old allegedly mixed alcohol with prescription medication and was experiencing multiple seizures.

A woman had questions about leaving a property due to an unsafe situation and wanted to know the legalities of the other party selling her belongings.

Someone reportedly locked their keys in a running vehicle and advised officers that it had not been abandoned in the parking lot, they just were not able to get a locksmith or tow truck.

A woman alleged that her stepmother was harassing her and her boyfriend by sending text messages through different apps after being blocked because she stopped letting her watch her children and she was trying to break up the couple.

A woman with red hair allegedly stole a bottle of wine and ran toward Deport Park.

Security asked for help escorting an aggressive man out of a location because he was threatening violence and refusing to leave.