Thursday, April 18, 2024

Law roundup: 911 caller instructed on how to look up phone numbers

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 24, 2024 12:00 AM

A Kalispell man called 911 complaining about six or eight people with megaphones pointed toward the golf course who were proselytizing about Jesus. Dispatchers countered by warning the caller twice about misusing 911 and they provided him with the non-emergency phone number. Dispatch also gave instructions on how to look up phone numbers. The man replied that he wouldn’t have to call 911 if someone called him back two weeks ago “as promised.”

Ongoing issues of possible drug activity at the neighbors combined with bad weather conditions reportedly led to vehicles getting stuck in the middle of the road and people having to run up to the house in Kalispell, according to a call received by Flathead County Sheriff’s Office.

Someone called 911 to report a bald eagle that was still alive after being hit in Columbia Falls. They were given a phone number for the “bird lady rescue.” 

A woman was suspicious about blood and tracks she reportedly found in the snow at her Bigfork property.

The purported head trustee of a “Super Bowl board” called the Kalispell Police Department to report the pool of money as stolen. It went missing two weeks ago. He said he was unsure how much money was submitted to the betting pool. He was provided with an incident number for the gaming commission.

A couple of squatters someone’s friend invited over to the room he was renting in a garage were reportedly causing problems. The landlord called the police and said the alleged squatters, a man and woman, had guns and had stolen $30,000. During the call, the man was heard screaming in the background. The woman said the friend texted her to come over to have sex. Officers advised the resident that law enforcement couldn’t kick the pair out because the friend invited them over and if it was a problem they would have to evict the friend. The parties were separated.

Someone asked officers to move along what they thought was a homeless person wrapped in a sheet between two buildings. The “person” turned out to be a bundle of clothes.

A business owner wanted officers to check on a man sitting outside who was talking about wanting to go home. The man reportedly had been drinking and seemed disoriented, but declined medical assistance. He was taken to his residence.