Thursday, April 18, 2024

Law roundup: Drunk men can't be runnin’ up that hill

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 25, 2024 12:00 AM

Two men were reportedly too drunk to make it up a hill and laid down in someone’s yard. The resident discovered the drunk men and called the Kalispell Police Department to move them along. However, they managed to get up and leave before officers arrived.

Someone allegedly sent a $20,000 cashier's check to a woman to get a portfolio package from customs and was robbed. The person called the police wanting to know if the alleged robbery had been reported.

A woman calling from California allegedly told police she had nieces with her whom she was “not returning” because they told her their “home life wasn’t good”

Two men wearing parkas with scarves were reportedly too hard up to care that the coin purse they stole from a woman’s Jeep contained less than $3 in change.

A man reportedly went to watch a movie and returned to find the Mastercraft Courser CXT brand tires stored in the back of his truck had been stolen. He said the tires were valued at $1,200.

A man allegedly punched a woman in the mouth in a parking lot.

A driver reportedly tried to change a tire on an older white pickup that was blocking lanes of traffic. It was also found he had a warrant from Montana Highway Patrol.

A dog owner called officers back regarding a complaint about her dogs reportedly “barking constantly for the past six to seven months.” She said the dogs do bark when someone is outside, but not constantly. She added that a neighbor would point a flashlight in her yard that her dogs would bark at. The officer counseled her about using “bark collars” and outdoor cameras along with city ordinances.

A property manager reportedly thought a tenant abandoned a rental, although her vehicle was still there. The manager wasn’t sure what to do because they were unable to give a 24-hour notice to go inside and check. The woman was living at another location and told officers she was trying to find people to get her belongings. She was told to call the landlord.