Thursday, April 18, 2024

Law roundup: Woman threatens man with jail over accident

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 26, 2024 12:00 AM

A dispute sparked by a fender-bender left a man worried he had become the target of extortionists. He told the Kalispell Police Department that the other motorist involved in the crash had contacted him and blamed him for the collision. She later allegedly told him she had two witnesses who would testify on her behalf and “send him to jail.” He suspected she was preparing to demand money from him. 

A father phoned the police after realizing a white GMC pickup truck was blocking his driveway. His wife, he said, was eight months pregnant and he needed to get out to drop a child off at school and go to a doctor’s appointment. The offending vehicle departed as officers arrived. 

Unhappy with their arrest, an individual walked into the Police Department and asked to file a complaint against the officers who took him into custody. Authorities provided him with the necessary paperwork. 

Officers inspected the remnants of someone’s camp, finding sleeping bags, a dog bed, female hygiene products and cosmetic items. Noting that the items appeared the type of things that someone would return for, officers opted to wait a bit before tossing the collection of goods out. 

Someone lost a little black purse containing a passport and credit cards.

Officers left copies of the city ordinance regarding camping on a vehicle. 

The manager of a local business asked authorities for the best way to dispose of a vape pen used for cannabis products. 

Officers stickered a truck buried by passing snowplows. 

Authorities took a blue heeler and pit bull to the Flathead County Animal Shelter. 

Employees asked that officers cite a woman in the store who was previously banned from the premises.

A woman phoned the authorities, telling them that they had spotted someone hanging around their home. Neighbors had said that the person was a known drug user. 

A pastor asked officers to ban a group of about five people from church property after they took up hanging around the house of worship. 

Officers were summoned to a parking lot at the behest of a person who wanted them to ticket people illegally parking in handicap spots. Every vehicle inspected by the police had either a placard on the mirror on a handicap license plate. 

A motorist acting suspiciously prompted a phone call to the police. The caller said he got out of his ride and started looking into other nearby cars. Then he tried several door handles.  

A resident near a sledding hill asked the police to put the kibosh on the winter fun as the sledders had two dogs off leash.