Thursday, April 18, 2024

Law roundup: Ex-employee can’t get over termination

| January 28, 2024 12:00 AM

A store owner called the Kalispell Police Department for advice about an ex-employee, who reportedly hadn’t moved on from being fired a year ago, when he began calling the store to harass employees. He also got a hold of the owner’s phone number and was harassing them. The owner told the Kalispell Police Department the man had previously been kicked off the property after harassing employees.

A parent called the police to report their daughter stole their vehicle. The daughter reportedly grabbed the keys and left with her boyfriend after being told not to take it. Officers spoke to the parent and daughter, advising her of the consequences if she didn’t return it.

Multiple people allegedly saw a man with dark curly hair and scruffy facial hair hitting a woman outside a motor home. Both reportedly told officers the incident was verbal only and went their separate ways.

An elderly couple’s trash wasn’t getting dumped because their neighbor allegedly kept backing his truck up to their dumpster to park, encroaching onto their private driveway. The man reportedly became angry when a woman asked him to stop parking on their driveway.

A propane tank was allegedly stolen off a man’s trailer and requested extra patrol.

A man with curly blonde hair reportedly became aggressive when asked to move his dog that was tied up outside a building. The man moved along and was told not to return to the property.

A woman allegedly went to check why a front door was left open at a business with all its lights off and found no one inside. Officers cleared the building.

Someone asked officers to check on a man’s welfare, saying he was half-conscious and moving, but was “hanging off a chair” in a gazebo and looked like he was on drugs. They also noted he was on private property and couldn’t be there. 

Four dogs were on the loose and later returned to two owners who were advised about city ordinances and citations.

A vehicle was reported for parking in a handicap spot. The owner did have a placard but it was in the visor and not visible.