Thursday, April 18, 2024

Law roundup: Birthday meth leads to entanglement

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 29, 2024 12:00 AM

A man reportedly told the Kalispell Police Department that a woman was angry at him for inviting her over for her birthday but didn’t have any meth and they got into an argument where she punched and kicked him, which she denied.

When officers arrived, the woman was in a van with her friends getting ready to leave. She told officers he wanted her to have sex and smoke meth with him, which she didn’t want to do and tried to leave, but he began yelling at her, which she took to mean that he was trying to prevent her from leaving. She allegedly smashed his fingers in a door, but he didn’t want to pursue charges. He did want her kicked out of his home.

A teenage boy recklessly driving a silver Ram truck allegedly peeled out of a parking lot and nearly ran over a woman’s feet who told him to “knock it off.”

A thin, curly-haired man wearing a green coat was reportedly swinging at cars and yelling.

A skinny guy with two garbage bags allegedly wandered around a property for hours and was looking into rooms after being told to leave. 

A man wearing a white hoodie was allegedly looking inside storage compartments in someone’s truck bed. They confronted the man who said he didn’t take anything but “was told by a friend to get stuff out of a construction truck.” They said they were going to check if anything was missing when he took off in a ’90s green Ford Ranger with a black topper and metal runners. He was believed to have stolen a Milwaukee pack-out box and toolbox containing copper wire, plumbing fittings and hand tools.

A group of teens were reportedly messing around in a store and an employee wanted them kicked out.

A woman allegedly stole a Ruger LCP 380 pistol and other items belonging to two roommates one morning.

A woman heard screaming in an alley. She told officers she was “blowing off steam” while walking somewhere and didn’t want help from police.

A man with an alleged history of stealing from a store was spotted at the return counter and a manager asked officers to kick him out and let him know he would be cited for trespassing if he was found in the store again.

A panhandler was reportedly standing in the way of a pharmacy drive-thru and belligerently refused to leave. He was moved along.

Someone was concerned about people allegedly smoking marijuana in front of the library.

Someone went to the police department seeking advice on what to do about homeless people going into a commercial rental.

Someone was reportedly living in a vehicle for a week and someone told the police they shouldn’t be there. Officers located the vehicle, which was unoccupied.

Someone reportedly heard a woman screaming, a man yelling and a car horn honking when driving by a location. They also saw a vehicle flashing its hazard lights. Officers drove through the area and didn’t see or hear anything unusual.