Thursday, April 18, 2024

Law roundup: Man bodychecked by ex

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 30, 2024 12:00 AM

A man allegedly got off a plane and was greeted with a body check from his ex. He told deputies he already talked to airport personnel to pull footage of the alleged assault.

A vehicle was reportedly trying to avoid a truck swerving into their lane and went into the river. The person calling to report the crash said they yelled out to a man inside the vehicle who said he was uninjured. The caller said the water was up to the vehicle’s wheel wells and it looked like the driver was trying to climb out the window. 

A Kalispell woman reportedly wouldn’t let her husband inside and called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, saying he was beating on the door but wasn’t “out of control.” However, all was not well when dispatch overheard someone talking to her about a man ramming into her garage door and a dumpster. 

A Kalispell woman allegedly received a letter stating someone had signed her up for unemployment.

A man calling from Kalispell complained that a loud neighbor was keeping him and his wife up in Kalispell. Dispatch advised him there wasn’t a noise ordinance in the county and that he’d probably have to take the complaint to the property manager.

A woman sitting in a vehicle in Kalispell was reportedly seen punching herself in the face repeatedly before walking into a building carrying food. The person who saw her asked deputies to check on her welfare.

A dog allegedly injured itself by breaking a window trying to get outside.