Thursday, April 18, 2024

Letters to the editor Jan. 30

| January 30, 2024 12:00 AM

Troops deserve better

Members of our military in Iraq have been seriously injured after being fired upon multiple times by Iran and it’s acolytes. We have two Navy SEALS apparently lost at sea during a dangerous mission in the Middle East. 

And what do I see on the news time and again? President Joe Biden, commander in chief, exiting another ice cream store holding up his latest frozen delight for the cameras to see. Might be a good idea if you got yourself back to the situation room in Washington, D.C. and worked on protecting the military you command. 

As a Gold Star daughter watching Biden’s wholly lacking performance as commander in chief is infuriating. Our troops deserve better than this. They are attacked repeatedly and the U.S. bombs an empty warehouse here and there, and calls it good? Biden projects nothing but weakness. 

I love and honor our military, past and present but I would not encourage anyone to join during this current administration’s tenure. My father lies in his officer’s uniform in his grave in the verdant, rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania having served heroically in World War II and Korea. I am glad he didn’t have to serve under this president who deserves neither our respect nor support as he fumbles his way through this sham presidency. 

To our military service men and women, we support you! We honor you for your service and we will work very hard to give you a new commander in chief come next November who will spend his every waking hour protecting you and letting our enemies know that pushing our military around anywhere in the world will never be tolerated. 

In the word’s of Sam and Dave’s iconic song played at the end of former President Trump’s rallies, “Hold On... I’m Coming.”

— Jill Williams, Kalispell

Persecuted grizzlies

The opinion column about the overpopulation of the grizzly bear borders on absurdity (Grizzly bear population out of control, Jan. 18).

The grizzly bear and the wolf are two of the most persecuted animals in North America. At less than 2,000 individuals we have killed most grizzlies and squeezed those remaining into a minuscule portion of their historic range. 

When will we as humans realize we need these creatures in abundance to secure our own survival. Grizzly bears are a measure of ecosystem health. Ecosystems that support our own existence.

— Matthew Ragon, Canton, Ohio

Don’t cry about it

Regarding the article that Dale Jorgenson submitted (Grizzly bear population out of control, Jan. 18).

I disagree with you about the grizzly bear population. You need to move if you are that upset that these lovely animals are in the area. A real man wouldn’t cry about it. 

Pull up your big boy pants. Quit threatening people. You are a bully.

— Korina Jones, Borrego Springs, California