Thursday, April 18, 2024

Law roundup: Woman wants to put snowball bandits on ice

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 31, 2024 12:00 AM

A woman out walking her dog called the Kalispell Police Department claiming kids were throwing snowballs at her and she was hit in the head by an ice chunk. She said they stopped when asked, but she wanted to talk to an officer. She was advised it appeared they didn’t intentionally hit her with snowballs and to bring up the issue with her landlord.

A maintenance worker had allegedly been harassing a woman and her boyfriend since 2020, saying he would get the owners to remove them. Officers advised her to seek a restraining order in civil court.

Someone purportedly went to the Police Department with some “very vital information.”

Someone heard a pair of dogs barking beyond their backyard in a park/slough area and thought they might be tied up or trapped because they were staying in the same place. According to police, the dogs were “rescued and on their way.”

A “concerned citizen” reportedly thought a motor home was not parked in a safe spot near a car dealership and the occupants were leaving garbage around it. Per prior conversations with police, the motor home owner had until that afternoon to move it.

A man who allegedly had ongoing pain for the past five years called 911 to report more pain in his leg. He became agitated at the dispatcher for asking questions about the medical issues he was experiencing, which led him to call 911, alleging that people were making fun of him.

A woman allegedly wanted to talk to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office about an “illegal eviction.” She was under the impression that people were ganging up on her and harassing her by driving to her house and filming her because she complained about neighbors’ animals.

Bonnie and Clyde were on the lam in Columbia Falls taking the form of goldendoodles.

A man reportedly drove a four-wheeler around a gate illegally and went off a trail in Kalispell “tearing everything up” and then got into an argument with another man who said he was trying to run him over. 

Bags of garbage were littered along a Kalispell road.

A man complained about people using megaphones and calling people sinners in Kalispell.