Friday, July 19, 2024

Law roundup: Woman with shears hates the rain

by Daily Inter Lake
| July 3, 2024 12:00 AM

A suspicious woman with garden shears and smeared makeup was reportedly going door-to-door in a neighborhood saying she hates the rain. One resident opted to call the Kalispell Police Department rather than open the door. The woman told officers she had the garden shears because she was trying to find work. She was advised to try another time when the weather was better. 

Meanwhile, a man wearing a purple velvet cape was allegedly dancing in the rain and banging a drum. A passerby was concerned about his welfare telling police he could barely stand and was walking toward traffic. The caller also said he was spreading birdseed around a van. The caller was instructed against approaching the dancing man. 

A woman allegedly kicked out of a grocery store and told not to return was spotted in the health and beauty section the next day, standing out in her patriotic ensemble of red shoes, white pants and a blue shoulder bag. The woman, who refused to identify herself to officers, was given a ride to the Police Department where she was cited for trespassing and released.  She was told she was now banned from all the grocery store’s locations. 

A woman wearing a pink beanie reportedly had no qualms about dropping trou in a resident’s backyard, defecating and then walking away. Officers located her walking in Heritage Park and counseled her about the indecent exposure incident and told her not to return to the property. 

A man riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle was taken to the hospital to have his blood drawn after he allegedly kept erratically stopping in the road, getting off the bike and yelling, which left an onlooker concerned that he was drunk. 

A man wearing a long gray shirt and flannel who was reportedly walking in the road and wouldn’t get out of the way of traffic was given a ride to jail for his disorderly behavior.