Thursday, July 18, 2024

Law roundup: Camaro is too fast, too furious

| July 4, 2024 12:00 AM

A Flathead County Sheriff’s Office deputy reportedly witnessed a Camaro do a burnout, lose control and hit a post at an oil change business in Kalispell. The driver was ticketed and released.  

A man called from Bigfork to express his anger about reckless drivers and rant about people revving their engines, alleging that no one was doing anything about it. He was irate because no one seemed to care. He said he planned to hire a private detective. 

A Kalispell parent allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at his son, who threatened to kill him. The parent said he pulled out his gun because his son “was getting irate.”  

A mobile ATM was reportedly stolen outside a West Glacier location. 

Two people in Kalispell were allegedly threatening to kill each other and knock each other out. 

A very drunk woman allegedly slapped a man in the face and then sat at the bar at a Kalispell establishment. 

A man waltzed onto a Kalispell business’ property and said he was going to take a hose from them. 

About 15 to 20 people were reportedly partying at an “illegal VRBO” in Kalispell and were obnoxiously “hooting and hollering” and playing loud music. 

Someone in West Glacier thought they reportedly smelled fentanyl in a coworker's locker. 

A gaunt horse wandered onto someone’s property in Coram with no halter or brand. 

Someone calling from Kalispell alleged that a neighbor was intentionally and unsafely firing his weapon during odd hours to wake up and harass them. 

An individual in a Dodge pickup reportedly pulled a pistol on someone in Jeep over a driving issue in a Kalispell parking lot. 

Methamphetamine allegedly was found in the bathroom at a business and the manager wanted to know how to dispose of it. 

A woman was allegedly screaming, hitting and kicking people in a Kalispell house. Parties were counseled and separated for the night. 

Four to five adults and children inside and around a large van parked at a trailhead were reportedly yelling at people walking the trail and someone thought they were trying to camp out in the parking lot. They also wouldn’t let a man back out. 

A woman allegedly told deputies she was more concerned about a neighbor’s barking dogs than the fireworks they set off in Kalispell.  

Someone thought a man driving a truck was dumping his dog when he put the skittish shih tzu outside and drove away. However, the truck returned, and the man said he dropped the dog off to go potty and didn’t realize it hadn’t jumped back in the truck before leaving.